Slipknot – Riverbend Music Center – Cincinnati, Ohio – 7/12/16

Slipknot performed at Riverbend Music Center in Southern Ohio on an extremely hot and humid night but the fans did not care!  As expected, the crowd was enormous and Slipknot put on one hell of a show playing 17 songs in total and leaving everyone gasping for air!

The show started with “The Negative One” as the team of 9 masked men arrived on stage to the excitement of the fans.  Corey Taylor as usual was more than gracious and interacted with the fans often.  The band mixed up their setlist going from new song “The Negative One” and then switching it up and performing “Disasterpiece” and “Eyeless”.  The sound was flawless and the energy was up all night long despite Corey performing with a neck brace on after his surgery.

After 14 songs the band stepped away from the stage but not for too long.. the crowd was chanting and begging for more so Slipknot delivered!

Slipknot arrived back on stage for an encore and performed 3 huge hits, “Surfacing”, “Duality”, and “Spit It Out”!

Overall Slipknot did not disappoint one bit!  Great show and great energy!  If you have yet to catch Slipknot live, it is a must see act!





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