Adelitas Way – Indianapolis, IN – 12/1/16 (Photos and show review)

Adelitas Way – Indianapolis, IN – 8 Second Saloon – 12/1/16

They weren’t the headliner, but Adelitas Way definitely stole the show when they played at the 8 Seconds Saloon in Indianapolis Thursday night. They got the crowd pumped with their typical high energy performance and thrilled fans who came to the show to see them and earned new fans from those who just arrived early to see Scott Stapp, former lead singer of Creed and the headliner of the night.

The show kicked off with Canadian hip hop rocker Manafest (aka Chris Greenwood). He had an interesting sound reminiscent of Thousand Foot Crutch or Linkin Park, mixing a bit of rap with some strong and hard hitting vocals.

Citizen Zero, from Detroit, took the stage next and wowed the crowd with their guitar driven tunes and emotionally charged lyrics. Vocalist Josh LeMay has such a powerful voice with great range. Drummer John Dudley and bassist Sam Collins are clearly talented musicians who drive the current of the band’s music. But the gem of Citizen Zero is lead guitarist Sammy Boller. He shreds the guitar like someone with decades of experience. It’s jaw dropping to watch and hear him play. This band is one to check out. They are relatively new to the scene as their debut album “State of Mind” was just released in August of this year. They have had some radio play, but honestly they are impressive live. And they are genuinely nice, down to earth guys as well.

But, alas, the moment many were waiting for, Adelitas Way, tore onto stage with their typical fierce energy and fan favorite of “Sick”. Lead singer, Rick DeJesus, thrashed his head and swung his microphone in the style that fans recognize as signature Rick. Drummer Tre Stafford played with so much strength he broke his sticks before the first few songs were finished. DeJesus and bassist Andrew Cushing didn’t slow down for a second the whole show. This band puts everything they have into every song.

They played all their hits including “Criticize” and “Bad Reputation” and “Alive” and of course their latest release “Ready for War (Pray for Peace)” which they dedicated to the police and military personnel. The shining moment for me was when they played “Hurt” from their Home School Valedictorian album. It’s my all time favorite song by them. I’ve seen Adelitas Way six times, and they have never performed it live at any of those shows. I had posted on their Facebook page that my Christmas wish was for them to play “Hurt” at the Indy show. They did. Coincidence? Maybe. But I think it’s more likely they made an effort to respond to my request. That is just the kind of band they are. Responsive and loyal to fans, and we love and appreciate them for it.

They closed the show with “Invincible” and it was hard not to walk away feeling just that. Adelitas Way has just a few more shows left in 2016. If they come to a venue anywhere near you, go check them out. They put on a high energy, fun and fantastic show. You won’t be disappointed.

Review by:Cathy Moore

Photos: Shawn Wiseman



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