Gemini Syndrome – Fort Wayne Indiana and Mansfield Ohio shows

We had the opportunity to follow Gemini Syndrome for two days on their current tour with Drowning Pool, 9Electric, and Red Tide Rising.  Gemini Syndrome is out supporting their latest album Momento Mori, which means “Remember That You Will Die” when translated directly from Latin.  Momento Mori is a wonderful album and a great follow up to the successful first album Lux.  Gemini Syndrome performed strongly both nights despite the bitter cold in the Northern air of Fort Wayne Indiana and Mansfield Ohio.  Gemini Syndrome is definitely a band to see.. especially if you’ve not seen them previously!!

Gemini Syndrome is currently wrapping up their tour with Drowning Pool and will be embarking on a new tour in February with Starset!Below are our shots from the show and links to Gemini Syndrome.

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