Photo Gallery – John 5 and The Creatures at The Southgate House Revival in Newport, KY

John 5 and The Creatures returned to Newport, Kentucky to play at The Southgate House Revival on their Season of the Witch Tour.  The Southgate House Revival is an extremely old church that has been converted to a music venue and is such a perfect setting to see John 5 and the Creatures perform.  The venue retains the original stained glass, the orgran, old hardwood floors, and huge cathedral ceilings, all of which set the mood for John 5 to come on stage and perform.  John 5 and The Creatures came on with John 5 having his trademark light in his mouth and the crowd went nuts!

John 5 is such an amazing guitarist and has such a great stage presence!  With very few words said and no lyrics to the songs, it’s a great opportunity to enjoy the wondrous sounds of John 5’s guitar genius.  John steps off stage to do wardrobe changes and guitar changes several times throughout the set.   My favorite part was John coming on stage wearing a lace veil and sporting a “lava lamp” guitar with glowing green liquid in it. John pulls out a violin bow and begins to make his guitar scream and howl.  John changes things up a few other times, coming out with various guitars, masks, etc.

This was an awesome show, knowing John 5’s history with Manson, and touring with Rob Zombie I felt like I had a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the talents of an amazing guitarist with no distractions.

If you’ve not listened to John 5 and The Creatures definitely check them out!  They are wrapped up for the season with their tour but you can still purchase their new album Season of The Witch.

Check out our photo gallery and links to John 5 and The Creatures below:

John 5 and the Creatures are:
John 5 – Guitars
Ian Ross – Bass
Logan Nix – Drums

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