Italian Horror Punk Metal band Raging Dead to release new album When The Night Falls 5/26/17

Raging Dead is an Italian Horror Punk Metal band that came together at the beginning of 2014 from an idea of vocalist Cloud Shade and lead guitarist Matt Void. The line-up was then rounded out with drummer Tracii Decadence and bassist Simon Nightmare.

Raging Dead had an intense first year of activity, in which it gained recognition in Italy playing with well-known Italian Horror bands and glam/sleaze bands. The quartet also had the chance to share the stage with many international bands, which built them a massive following in Italy.

Their debut EP Born In Rage gained national attention in Italy and the body of Europe. The band toured heavily in support of the EP across Europe and gained quite a sizable fan base as a result.

In June 2016, the band entered the BI-OS Music Production Studio with producer Francesco Altare to record their first full-length album, When The Night FallsWhile sticking true to their Horror Rock roots, the new album led to a progression in musicianship with more aggressive melodies and production than their previous efforts.

This new creation gained the attention of Pavement Entertainment and led to the group signing a partnership deal to release When The Night Falls worldwide. The album will be available on May 26, 2017, through all digital and streaming platforms.

Raging Dead are:
Cloud Shade – Vocals
Matt Void – Lead Guitar
Tracii Decadence – Drums
Simon Nightmare – Bass


Pre-order now on iTunes!

Visit Raging Dead on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/RagingDead/

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