RIVETHEAD Releases Fix Our Enemy and New Single “Start a Revolution!”

The music coming back from commercial on That Metal Show, the song cranked up before third down at Dallas Cowboys games, the tune pumping behind the MTV promo, the powerplay song for the Dallas Stars, the intro music for the nationally syndicated Lex and Terry show, and songs heard on Gene Simmons Family Jewels, VH1, and absolutely loads of TV spots, radio ads, and even a movie soundtrack. THAT is RIVETHEAD.

Heavy, grooving, and sometimes melodic metal, laced with the electronic elements of a sci-fi movie soundtrack. If the Blade RunnerTron, and Mortal Kombat soundtracks were thrown into a musical blender with Metallica, Pantera, Korn, and Fear Factory, you’d get something pretty wicked. It might sound a lot like this. Drawing influences heavily from bands such as Static-X, Powerman5000, White Zombie, NIN, Ministry, and Rammstein, RIVETHEAD is a hard-rocking quartet, born from the Dallas scene, which has gone on to national exposure through live gigs, radio, television, and film.

Three parts male and one part female, but wholly configured to rock your socks off and kick you where it counts. The perfect soundtrack for your next film, your drive to work, or your escape from whatever pisses you off!

RIVETHEAD "Start a Revolution" Lyric Video
The new album, Fix Our Enemy, is out now! It features the single, “Start a Revolution!”, which infuses stadium rocking metal with industrial filler, to create an up-tempo, mob inciting anthem!





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