Seven Circle Sunrise – Thompson House Newport KY – 1/14/2017

On Saturday I had a chance to see Seven Circle Sunrise, a band hailing from Northern Ohio but no stranger to the Cincinnati area.  Seven Circle Sunrise always draws a great crowd when performing, and on this night they were performing at The Thompson House in Newport Kentucky.  Tonights show was a headline performance with a great line-up of regional acts…

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Lying In Ruins – Thompson House – Newport Kentucky – 1/14/17

This past Saturday I checked out a Lying In Ruins playing at one of my favorite venue’s in the Cincinnati area, The Thompson House in Newport Kentucky..  Their bio from Facebook describes them as this: “L.I.R. Fronted by lead vocalist Amy Newhart, Amy brings a side of fire and passion into her heart felt rage of emotional and aggressive lyrics. The range delivered…

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It Lies Within – Thompson House – Newport Kentucky – 7/8/2016

We had the opportunity to catch the Flint metalcore quintet It Lies Within at The Thompson House in Newport Kentucky on 7/8/16.  We had time to do an interview before the show which you can find here and shoot some great photos (below). It Lies Within is on tour with Tragic Hero Records band In Dying Arms. The “Fight The Parasites Tour”…

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