Bunbury Music Festival 2017 – Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa Review:

by Ethan Bielik

Wiz Khalifa is an American rapper born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His actual name is Cameron Fibril Thomaz. His most recent and 6th album release, titled “Khalifa” released on Atlantic Recordings. Wiz Khalifa played on the first day of Bunbury as the main event. He performance will be something that all of the festival goers will remember for a long time. Let’s get into details.

The best way to describe Wiz Khalifa’s set was magical in all aspects. He played to what seemed like an endless ocean of people partying and having a good time. The sun had set and the heat finally died down. People were ready to dance and have the best time. Which they did, myself included. He played many of his big hits like “Black & Yellow“, “We Dem Boys“, “Work Hard, Play Hard” and so many more. Personally as I was in the crowd having an amazing time and to be honestly I’m not even an avid listener of Wiz but he began to play one of his newer songs and completely unrelated to the Bunbury event, fireworks started to go off right behinds Wiz’s stage. The fireworks were originally intended for the Cincinnati Reds baseball game that was happening but I believe that it happened just at the right time and created a magical moment that everyone at the festival will remember.

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