“Make no mistake, Powerflo is raw, influential and true to their music” – Photos and Review of POWERFLO in Corpus Christi, TX!

I had the chance to catch Powerflo live this Nov 14, 2017 in Corpus Christi, TX.  They opened up for grindcore act Brujeria.  The band is currently on tour in support of its self titled album release and is comprised of famous musicians: Sen Dog (Cypress Hill), Billy Graziadei (Biohazard), Roy Lozano (Downset), Christian Oldewolbers (x-Fear Factory), Fernando Schaefer (Worst).  This mix of minds have produced some hard hitting flavorful music.  Despite house audio issues in the beginning, Powerflo was in the crowds face, proving they are a band to reckon with. The first couple of songs were just a warm up for the people in attendance, who may have never been exposed to Powerlo.  After this brief intro, the crowd was easily won over by this blend of metal/punk driven guitars and hip-hop lyrical flowing images of Sen Dog.  Halfway through the set, you knew Powerflo had gained new followers as you could see everyone headbang and yell in acceptance after every song begging for more.  Make no mistake, Powerflo is raw, influential and true to their music.

Photos and Review by Rene Botello

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Photographs of the Corpus Christi Show!



You can find Powerflo online at the following:









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