Saxon’s Upcoming Release “Thunderbolt” Proves They Are Not Done, Even After 40 Years! – Album Review

Considered as one of the leaders of new wave British Metal since the late 70’s, SAXON is back with their new album titled Thunderbolt which will be released on February 2, 2018 on Militia Guard.  Continuing in the vein of 2015’s Battering Ram, their new release proves that they are not done, even after 40 years.

Saxon distinguishes itself from other bands by being craftful storytellers with the lyrics and topics covered in this eleven song offering.  As for the music itself, it rocks! There is a reason why SAXON is still around.

Personal favorites for me included the track The Secret Of Flight, with the guitar intro building into a powerful riff gearing you up for full speed metal.  Lyrically, it is a cautious tale of flying too high without looking down.

Another stellar heartfelt track is They Played Rock And Roll.  This happens to be a tribute to Motörhead and the legacy they left behind.  Stylistically, the song has a fast, in your face, unapologetic pace reminiscent of Motöhead.

Predator opens up with a sinister razor sharp riff which easily gets the blood pumping.  I can already imagine crowds banging their heads and singing along to this one.

SAXON has the ability to write killer riffs, with memorable lyrics and choruses, that any true metal fan will enjoy shouting along with.  If you have enjoyed their past recent releases, you will definitely love this album.  It does not disappoint.

After the release of Thunderbolt, SAXON will be on the road, first in Europe with Diamond Head and Rock Goddess;  followed by a tour in the U.S. with Judas Priest.  I am ready to see this legendary band live, which I’m certain will be of epic proportions!


Check out the video for “They Played Rock And Roll” below!

Review by Rene Botello

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