Interview with Rob Volkoff of Life Renewed

Ryan Smith: Was this a difficult song for you to write?
Rob Volkoff: This song took 7 years from the start of the writing process to release, between working a lot and other music projects, it did seem that there was no end in sight or hope of releasing this song. Since I record, write, mix and master Life Renewed music, I was very nervous about releasing it and being criticized for my work.

Ryan Smith: How about the making of the video?
Rob Volkoff: This video took 3 years for similar reasons as regarding writing the song, It really brought up a lot of memories and struggles as this video is a recalling of my suicide attempt with the same person who stopped me who also was in the video, this is the bravest thing I have ever done in music.
Ryan Smith: What moments along the way between the writing and recording struck you as the most difficult?
Rob Volkoff: Mainly believing in myself and my confidence in writing and recording.
Ryan Smith: You brought in two other artists on this single. What is the relationship there with them?
Rob Volkoff: With Jarrett Booker (Eyes of Eli), I met the band 10 years ago and even got to fill in for them, Jarrett has been like a big brother for me in my life and I look up to him, he witnessed some of the struggles I went through. Robert Short (Service of Shadows) is also a great friend of mine that I have gotten to know closely. 
Ryan Smith: Does this production have more to it than just creating a single and putting it out?
Rob Volkoff: Between doing all the audio production, reliving my suicide attempt for the video, and many changes to the video and song, this has a lot of deep connection. The vocalists never met each other or wrote in the same room, it was all done online in a FB chat and came together.
Ryan Smith: How have you learned to deal with your struggles?
Rob Volkoff: Taking one step at a time, time heals all wounds so as I keep fighting and not completely give up – I’m winning at life. I still struggle with mental health issues, but pursuing what I love makes a difference.
Ryan Smith: Has music been a band-aid for you or more of healing?
Rob Volkoff: Music is mostly bittersweet for me. The sacrifices, struggles, loneliness, financial struggle to pursue music gets me to my breaking point quite often but the moments I release music that inspires and impacts people, being on stage or when I get to create music make it worth it. Music is healing for me, music is therapy for me.

Ryan Smith: What is next for you Rob?

Rob Volkoff: My main focus musically is a project called Aseity & we are writing or Debut Ep as we speak but I am releasing one more single this year and then release the rest of the Ep in January.

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