Heavy Rockers ZERO THEOREM Release Sci-Fi Music Video for Unforgettable New Anthem, “Area”

Heavy Rockers ZERO THEOREM Release Sci-Fi Music Video for Unforgettable New Anthem, “Area”
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New EP, Ataraxis, out Now | Order via iTunes
Los Angeles-native heavy rockers ZERO THEOREM have made a name for themselves by releasing top quality tracks and performing high octane sets as an independent force. Producing a dynamic, haunting and penetrating brew of anthemic rock songwriting and vocals with earworm-worthy metal riffs, ZERO THEOREMhave scored the attention of fans in and outside of their local area.
In August, ZERO THEOREM turned heads with the release of their rock solid EP, Ataraxis, available via iTunes. Today, the band is thrilled to premiere their mysterious outerspace action-laden music video for the EP’s standout track, “Area”. The video was directed by Brian Cox of Flarelight FilmsWatch now, exclusively via Loudwire
“The track ‘Area’ reflects the importance of one’s identity and will,” explains vocalist Caesar. “Every meaningful relationship, environment, or belief-system carries with it the potential to experience this basic struggle anew.”
Originally formed in 2013, ZERO THEOREM was conceived as the artistic expression of a shared affinity for music, philosophy, and satire. “Our influences range from the satirical comedy of Mel Brooks to the pessimistic philosophy of Arthur Schopenhauer,” says Caesar.
ZERO THEOREM was initially developed as a cross-country collaboration between two cousins, Caesar and Joseph Scarlotti, when they began writing by sending digital files to one another from Chicago and Los Angeles. Caesar soon relocated to LA, with the pair completing the initial demos and recruiting the remainder of the band.
The band began work on the Ataraxis EP in August of 2016 with producer Kane Churko (Papa Roach, Five Finger Death Punch, In This Moment). “Our experience with Kane has definitely been the highlight of our efforts thus far,” says Caesar. “Kane is immeasurably talented and has made us better songwriters by helping to emphasize our strengths and explore new territory.”
You can catch ZERO THEOREM live as they perform with Motograter at a 21+ show at Santa Ana, CA’s Malones on November 18. Learn more and locate tickets via
Caesar – Vocals
Joseph Scarlotti – Guitar
Max Georgiev – Guitar
Jake Hayden – Drums
Eloy Palacios – Bass



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