Norwegian Noise Rock Duo Barren Womb Debut New Song On Decibel

Norwegian Noise Rock Duo Barren Womb Debut New Song On Decibel

Old Money / New Lows out February 16 on Spartan Records


Ever wonder what it would sound like if classic Jesus Lizard and Shellac tracks got tossed into the metalli-meat grinder with some latter day Refused? Okay, we didn’t either, but Barren Womb gave it to us anyway and the Norway duo’s dissonant clang clang n’ shout is pretty goddamn catchy even as its twists and turns lure you toward pulverizing crescendos- Decibel

Norwegian noise rock duo Barren Womb has unveiled a new song off the upcoming album “Old Money / New Lows,” out February 16 on Spartan Records.

Stream “Crook Look” here: https://www.decibelmagazine.com/2017/12/13/track-premiere-barren-womb-crook-look/.

Pre-order here: http://www.spartanrecords.com/products/607028-barren-womb-old-money-new-lows

Nearly three years since their last full-length release, the Nordic heavy noise rockers in Barren Womb return with “Old Money / New Lows,” a jarring, mid-tempo dirge in 8 movements that sees the band further evolving into an animal all of its own. From the sparse drumming and venomous narrative of album-opener “Crook Look,” all the way through to the haunting, epic finale of “Russian Handkerchief,” Old Money / New Lows repeatedly hits like a ton of bricks. And while there’s heaviness by the truckload here, there’s also a catchiness behind the the nastiness. Accompanying the wall of abrasive guitars, screamed vocals, and pummeling drums is newfound pop sensibility and a tackle box full of hooks in the tradition of the finest AmRep and Dischord bands from years long past.

barren womb vinyl 1 dec 2017
barren womb vinyl 2 dec 2017

Track Listing

Crook Look

Mystery Meat

Theory of Anything

Slumlord Millionaire

Cave Dweller

Drive-Thru Liquor Store

Mad 187 Skills

Russian Handkerchief

Pressing Information

First pressing limited to 300 copies:

• “Coin” Picture Disc (100)

• Mustard Yellow / Cyan Swirl (100)

• Mustard Yellow (100) [European Exclusive]

Full color gatefold jacket printed on reverseboard stock.

All orders come with an instant high-quality download of the song “Crook Look” and a full album download on February 16th.

Upcoming Tour Dates

02.16 – Trondheim, Norway – Fru Lundgreen

02.24 – Tromsř, Norway – Bastard

03.01-03 – Oslo, Norway – by:Larm

03.15 – Bodř, Norway – Dama di

03.16 – Bergen, Norway – Kvarteret

03.17 – Stavanger, Norway – Checkpoint Charlie

03.23 – Halden, Norway – Feelgood

03.24 – Porsgrunn, Norway – Rockeklubben i Porsgrunn

What others have said about Barren Womb:

“..like a more punk version of Kvelertak…But where Kvelertak take everything over the top with herculean bombast, Barren Womb aim to strip it down to its core. You’ll hear it immediately in their feedback-drenched, lo-fi production with a gritty, raw performance, and then you’ll be shocked to learn that all that noise comes from just two dudes (instead of six!), a drummer and guitarist, with plenty of cowbell and some Rolling Stones-style clinky piano overdubs thrown in for good measure. Gray-beards like us could also reference bands like Refused and The Bronx here, both of which are apt comparisons. But whichever way you slice it this stuff just plain rocks.”- Metalsucks

“…a clatter-banging blast of swaggering noisy punk in the vein of Refused’s The Shape of Punk to Come. Theirs is a wall of sound that belies the two-man line-up and it doesn’t hurt that there’s the proverbial two tons of rocking fun included in the mix.”- Decibel

“What would happen if Refused and Kvelertak had a raunchy, scorching one night stand after drinking one too many at the diviest of dive bars? You’d get a bastard love child named Barren Womb.”- Metal Insider

“While having the stripped back, lo-fi delivery you’d expect from a two person outfit, the pair use it to deliver satisfyingly scrappy punk rock. Sounding a little like The Bronx if less than half of them showed up for band practice, the vocals are snottily spat out, but more often than not letting the riffs and primal drums take charge. The audio equivalent of basement shows and bloody knees.”

– Thrash Hits

“They succeed at creating a beautiful nugget of chaos…”- Punknews

“…full of energy and bravado…probably the best thing to come out of Norway since the last Kvelertak record….the sheer fact that two people can create such a multi-layered, impressive, technical wall of noise should be reason enough to check this record out…. like The Hives covering Refused…”- Bring The Noise

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