Interview With Anthony And Walid Of Blackened Death Metal Band KAOTEON Who Are Set To Release “Damnatio Memoriae” in February

How long was the recording process for your current album?

Walid WolfLust: I think all the instruments together took around 1 year to complete. We worked with really professional sessionists so timelines and schedules were respected and that helped a lot, considering the distance.

Do you feel there will be more controversy or backlash about the band following the release of the new album?

Walid WolfLust: I don’t think we have been a controversial band, but I wonder what the government back home will think of the album and how they will react! As for backlashes, I suppose that could always be the case. We always have different opinions and preference when it comes to music.

Anthony Kaoteon: The government should deal with its problems in a country full of them and let us enjoy our music. I hope there won’t be any nor do I care to be involved if there was.

Did you have a idea in mind of what you wanted to write about lyrically? Or is this an accumulation of recent or past experiences?

Walid WolfLust: I think the lyrics were inspired by recent and past experiences. The Middle East has left many memories, some are positive, but generally it took a very heavy negative toll on us. There are things that once you live, they stay with you, you cannot let go of these experiences easily. Even-though I moved to The Netherlands, which I love, but there are still daily political, social and religious matters that you cannot ignore and I needed to express these through Damnatio Memoriae.

Black/death metal seems to fit perfectly to express your experience as a band, do you find this musical outlet helps you deal with what you have been through?

Anthony Kaoteon: Music is a universal language. If I were painting, i would paint in the same fashion. Music allowed us to express our thoughts, feelings and it was whether we like it or not the bullet to our mindful guns in the chaotic aeon.

Will there be any surprises in the new album that fans may not expect?

Anthony Kaoteon: It wouldn’t be a surprise if I tell you about it now, right!

Do you think your struggles as a band is a testament of what is possible if you work hard enough and believe in what your are doing?

Anthony Kaoteon: When you are born in the middle east with big dreams, you know that everything you do is a struggle. We are still way better than being born in North Korea or Liberia for that matter. Most bands from these regions put amazing time and effort in what they do. I truly believe that a band that reaches USA and Europe from this region and gets to play gigs with good feedback is a band that would have been headlining festivals if they had the facilities available in Europe. I will leave you with the simplest thought: when things get serious, I get attacked sometimes just for being born where i was born while i am nothing they presume me to be and while most importantly those attacking know nothing about where I am from. However, we are no victims and we don’t need anyone’s approval. We are what we are and thank the earth I walk on we are NOT as others.

Any plans in the near future to tour that you can talk about?

Anthony Kaoteon: We love our music but to be able to play it, fund it and record it. We absolutely need to maintain our day jobs at the moment until a promoter offers us a good paid tour. Before that happens, we will selectively play shows that we used to enjoy watching and deliver groundbreaking music that will ensure a tour in the future.

Any last words for fans of what to expect from Kaoteon this year?

Walid WolfLust: I would like to thank our fans and friends for their support and their confidence in us. Your feedback and support has been very important in our journey. We promise you rage, fury and one hell of a heavy album! Also, we would like to thank you Rock All Photography for your time and support \m/

Interview – Rene Botello


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