Interview with Matt and Mat of From Ashes To New ALSO Photo’s from their show inn Texas on 1/21/18

Having never seen From Ashes To New before, I was pretty excited.  These guys have generated such a buzz in the two years they have been a band.  The mix of rap lyrics and clean singing over metal/rock music works extremely well for them, which aids in bringing in different types of fans.  They have been able to blend different genres into something that is fresh and energetic.  Another plus for me, I was given the task of photographing their show.  Little did I know that I would have to really work for some clean shots.  Vocalists Matt Brandyberry and Danny Case are a whirlwind of energy on stage which keeps the fans on edge throughout the show.  Add guitarist Lance Dowdle’s rhythmic riffing and drummer Mat Madiro’s pummeling beats, together they all make the perfect combination of the new rap/rock hybrid band.


Their interaction with the crowd really shows how they have gained loyal fans in two years.  The fans were luckily treated to two new songs which shows an evolution of what this band is capable of.  No one hit wonders here.  And if things stay in motion, the world will be able to hear new music sooner rather than later.


After their set, they all set up at the merch booth to meet and greet everyone in line. Shaking hands, trading stories and taking photos. This is one thing I believe helps set bands apart from others.  When the musicians take the time to show their appreciation to the fans, they will have fans for life. I expect big things from this band in the next year and then some.  They are determined to spread their music to any and all who will hear them.  So, open your arms and ears and welcome them with warm hearts.

Show review and photos by Rene Botello

Photos from the show!


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