What An Incredible Graveyard Shift It Was!! Motionless In White, Every Time I Die, Ice Nine Kills, and Like Moths To Flames in Columbus Ohio! Review and Photos!

On a chilly Saturday night in Columbus, Ohio Express Live was ON FIRE with some of the hottest bands around!  What an incredible line-up having four top acts packing into one night of music!

Unfortunately due to a major accident on Interstate 71 I missed Like Moths to Flames but everyone said they put on an amazing show!

Ice Nine Kills is a ferocious four piece band from Boston and they came out with so much energy!  The crowd was fully engaged in this endeavor of music and the power coming from the stage! Lead singer Spencer Charnas spent nearly the entire show right up front in the crowds face singing and screaming with such a visceral gut punching power.  Ice Nine Kills is definitely a band I want to catch again!  They really impressed the hell out of me!

Check out our photos of Ice Nine Kills HERE

Band Members:

Spencer Charnas
Justin DeBlieck
Justin Morrow
Conor Sullivan

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Next up was the mighty Every Time I Die!  Every Time I Die are legends in the metalcore world having been around since 1998!  The venue was nearly at capacity from the looks of it and the crowd was ready for these legends to take the stage.  When Every Time I Die came running out the onslaught of metal, moshing, screaming, and energy didn’t stop for over 30 minutes.  Every Time I Die shredded through their set with very little time for the crowd to take a breath!  The band played through “Decayin’ With the Boys”, “We’rewolf”, and “Cities and Years” and finished the night up with “Bored Stiff”, “Map Change”, and “Fear and Trembling”.  The crowd was so intense seeing bodies slamming all over the place matching the intensity on stage. Overall this was a great way to get the crowd ready for the headliners Motionless in White!

Check out our photos of Every Time I Die HERE

Band Members:

Keith Buckley – Vocals 
Andrew Williams – Guitar 
Jordan Buckley – Guitar
Steve Micciche – Bass Guitar
Daniel Davison – Drums

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Last up on the night was Motionless In White the headliners of The Graveyard Shift Tour!  I’ve seen this band several times and every time has been awesome! I’ve seen them kill it on Warped Tour, do an amazing set alongside Bring Me The Horizon, and most recently playing with In This Moment.  Chris Motionless and the band have such a great ghoulish/haunted theme going on!    When the curtain opened the band stormed into their set!  The stage looked so cool with statues, skeletons, jack-o-lanterns, and even a couple of ladies that were making huge sparks in the background with hand tools.  It was as if we were transformed into a Halloween show right there and then!


The band performed flawlessly!  Opening the show with the song “Rats” and then kicking into their hit song “Reincarnate” which really lit the crowd on fire.  Motionless In White really has such a great sound, switching up the tempo from song to song and mixing in some great theatrics as well.  During the set Chris Motionless took a minute to announce that this show in Columbus was the largest attendance so far on the tour!  You could tell the band was feeding off the energy in this crowd and giving it right back to them with some killer riffs.  The night continued on with Motionless In White playing a 15 song set including some of my favorite songs by the band like “A-M-E-R-I-C-A”, “Immaculate Misconception”, and “Devil’s Night”.  The band finished off the night with “Eternally Yours” to an extremely happy and exhausted group of fans!


With only a few dates left on this tour, if you have the chance to catch these bands DO IT! You will not regret it!!  After this last run Motionless In White will hop on the Vans Warped Tour for the summer!


Check out our photos of Motionless In White HERE

Band Members:

Chris “Motionless” Cerulli
Ryan Sitkowski
Ricky “Horror” Olson
Devin “Ghost” Sola
Vinny Mauro

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Motionless In White Tour Dates:

MAR 15
MAR 17
MAR 19
MAR 20
MAR 22
MAR 23
MAR 24
MAR 25

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