GWAR spreads METAL & BLOOD all over Bogart’s in Cincinnati, OH! Check out our coverage of the show here!

GWAR spreads METAL & BLOOD all over Bogart’s in Cincinnati, OH! Check out our coverage of the show here!

Words and Images by Shawn Wiseman

Lined up outside of Bogart’s in Cincinnati, Ohio on a very cool evening were a bunch of rowdy metalheads mostly wearing white t-shirts waiting to get inside and get those white shirts turned red with the blood of GWAR!

GWAR always seems to bring out a wild variety of fans to each of their shows and this show was no different.  There were teenagers with their parents, die-hard metalheads, curious onlookers, and those really crazy fans dressed in white t-shirts fighting their way to the front of the venue to get soaked in fake blood.

GWAR has been around for ages and one member of the band, Michael Derks, has been with the band the longest performing with GWAR since 1988.  Derks performs as Balsac the Jaws of Death.  The other members of the band perform the set with ease and contribute to the craziness on stage as well.

The show opened up with two men wearing all white and wielding guns seemingly searching for the aliens of GWAR.  GWAR took the stage and proceed to not only slash the metal music but also slash the heads off those guys wearing all white!  This was the point when the crowd went into a complete frenzy and the song “War on GWAR” was performed.

The band went on to play a number of songs including “Womb with a View” and “Death to Dickie Duncan” which included Dickie Duncan being sliced into two on stage which was pretty cool!

The fans at Bogart’s were in rare form for GWAR. I cover shows at this venue often and this show was really crazy.  The sweaty, bloody, collective of people moshing around made for a truly wild night!

GWAR made everyone happy and managed to get as much blood as possible out onto the fans throughout the night.  GWAR ended the night with their song “Fuck This Place”.

A GWAR show is really hard to describe without seeing them live!  Robots, monsters, blood, gore, and a number of other oddities on stage.  It’s truly a cool experience and I enjoy the hell out of their shows every single time!

GWAR is:

Michael Derks (Balsac the Jaws of Death)
Brad Roberts (Jizmak Da Gusha) – drums, percussion
Matt Maguire (Sawborg Destructo) – backing vocals
Jamison Land (Beefcake the Mighty) – bass, backing vocals
Brent Purgason (Pustulus Maximus) – lead guitar, backing vocals
Bob Gorman (Bonesnapper) – backing vocals
Michael Bishop (Blothar) – lead vocals
Don Drakulich (Sleazy P. Martini) – backing vocals



Photographs of GWAR in action at Bogart’s in Cincinnati, Ohio are below! 

(click any image to open the gallery view)



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