Taking It All In – Interview with Pop/Blues/Rocker Jenny Teator

Taking It All In

Interview with Pop/Blues/Rocker Jenny Teator


by: Laren Dean

Laren Dean: We want to get to know you as a person better first Jenny.
What are some things you like to do when you aren’t writing songs and performing?
Jenny Teator: I love working out, eating healthy and focusing on some self-care things! Also just hanging out with friends and going out to new restaurants, I’m kind of a foodie… 🙂 
Laren Dean: Do you have a favorite song yourself by another artist that is your go-to song when you are happy?
Jenny Teator: Really any Tedeschi Trucks Band songs make me happy haha. I could listen to their songs all day. Made Up Mind is one of my favorites! Or I’ll go to pop music if I’m really in a good mood and ready to dance.
Laren Dean: Do you have any pets? If so, what are their names? (If you have a photo please share)
Jenny Teator: I don’t 🙁 I wish I did! I am a HUGE dog person, and really want to get one but I know with the current lifestyle I have right now, and hope to tour more that I just couldn’t own one right now. If and when I do, I want to make sure they are taken care of and spoil them! So for now, I am living vicariously through my friend Sheridan and her dog Deacon. I’m pretty much obsessed with him, I’m aunt Jenny to him haha. I dog sit for her often when she’s out of town! Here’s a pic of us.

Laren Dean: Let’s get to know your single.
“Surrender” is just a fun song. Jenny, where did the idea for the lyrics, come from?
Jenny Teator: The idea for the song came out of a moment of lust and curiosity. I had recently met a guy soon after moving to Nashville and he left me wanting MORE. It was more than just “I’m attracted to you”. It was this PRIMAL feeling that took over me and I had a gut feeling… always trust your gut feeling haha.
Laren Dean: Who did you work with on recording/engineering/producing?

Jenny Teator: Red 13 Studios in Framingham, MA. Mark Roberge and Shaun Lichtenstein produced the track and they killed it! I love working with them and I can’t wait to do more songs with them.


Laren Dean: Describe that first day in the music studio when you went in to record “Surrender”.

Jenny Teator: OH man, I was so excited and well-rested after taking a nap from my 5 am flight there haha. Needed that. They built the track for me before I got there and I hadn’t heard it yet. Needless to say, I was super excited to hear what they came up with from just the voice memo I sent them of me and my guitar. I was SO happy with it and we later jumped in the vocal booth to start cranking out the lead vocals. We then started working on background vocals and other cool ideas to sample and throw in there. 
That is the best part, I love being in the studio because that’s where the magic happens and ideas are flowing! It is truly the creative process in there. The next day we did some more harmonies and background vocals then went to work on the music video plan. It was such a fun weekend, we knocked it all out in three days.
Laren Dean: Now video production. Tell us were you nervous at all?


Jenny Teator: Yes, this was my first music video shoot! I had an idea of how it would go, but you never actually know till you are there haha. But it was more nerves of, “man I hope this looks as much fun as I am actually having” because it was truly so laid back and I felt comfortable in my element. The awkward part was singing to the camera… but after the first take, I got comfy with it and just sang my heart out!


Laren Dean: Where did you find the location to film?

Jenny Teator: Jim Foster actually found the castle online. I’m not sure how he found it, but they told me they found a public area that has woods and a castle and was like “IM IN” haha. It was the perfect setting to play this cat and mouse themed story.



Laren Dean: Who is the guy (eye candy) in the video?

Jenny Teator: He was a friend of theirs that had done some music work with Red13 in the past, Scott Plante. Super nice guy, and not bad to look at either 🙂


Laren Dean: What was the biggest challenge of making the video for you?

Jenny Teator: Honestly, besides sinking into some mud in my heels, the video shoot went flawlessly. Because it was a public park, we had some people walking around taking photos we kinda had to wait to leave but other than that it went so well. We didn’t have any issues and the team executed it!!


Laren Dean: Forward in 2019. Where can your fans find you most weekends playing Jenny?

Jenny Teator: It really varies from month to month. I play at NashHouse Southern Spoon and Saloon or The Row about once a month, and various writers rounds around town. Check my socials for the latest show schedule! My next show is a big one! I was chosen to be in the Women On Fire Showcase at the EXIT/IN on April 14th. I can’t wait to play there, its a great venue. 


Laren Dean: Nashville certainly offers a wide range of opportunities where do you see your 2019 going?

Jenny Teator: I’d like to play more full band shows and tour this year. I’m really focusing on putting a good group together and showing the world what I got! So, stay tuned, got some exciting things up my sleeve 🙂


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