Coverage of The Midnight performing with Violet Days at Headliners Music Hall – Louisville, KY

Coverage of The Midnight performing with Violet Days at Headliners Music Hall – Louisville, KY
Words and images by Emily May
LA-based 80s/synthwave/retrowave band The Midnight have been creating a buzz and gaining a widespread fan base since forming in 2012.  The band is currently on tour in support of their recently released KIDS EP and made a stop in Louisville, KY to perform to a nearly sold-out crowd.  This particular show was a Forecastle Festival preview show, as the band will be performing at the festival on July 12th, Day 1 of the festival.  Judging by the crowd response this evening, they will have plenty of fans present for their festival performance.


With an amazing and beautiful lighting set-up, the band came out on stage to deafening applause and cheers from the excited fans who were ready for a night of dancing, singing and fun.  With Tyler Lyle on guitar and vocals, Tim McEwan on synth and electronic drums and Lito Hernandez on saxophone, the band delivered an incredibly fun and high energy set, with plenty of interaction among themselves and with the crowd.  During his many saxophone solos, Hernandez often stood at the edge of the stage and played directly to the crowd, creating a special experience for the fans.  The venue had no barricade, allowing the fans to stand right against the stage, creating an intimate concert experience for those in the front.  Periodically throughout the set, Lyle chatted with the crowd, mentioning at one point that he lived in KY for a brief time and joked that his liver has never been the same.  He also told the crowd that he and McEwan had booked the tour not knowing if anyone would show up and were blown away by how many people had come out to the shows!


The band performed many of their hit songs, including “Days Of Thunder”, “Vampires”, “Comeback Kid”, “Los Angeles” and “Jason”, for which Lina Hannson, singer for opening band Violet Days, An electro-pop band from Sweden on their first US tour, came out on stage to sing (the track originally features guest vocalist/co-writer Nikki Flores).  Ending the show with “Sunset”, the band left every last ounce of energy on stage, giving the crowd an incredible parting performance!  For the last part of the song they brought the members from Violet Days out onto the stage to help them sing it, with everyone dancing and having a great time!  It was the perfect way to end a fun and incredible evening and I have no doubt that everyone will be ready to do it all again when the band returns in July!


Photographs of The Midnight and Violet Days performing in Louisville, KY below!
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