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Rachel Collins: Describe the sound of The Northmen.

The Northmen: We are unique In that we do truly stick to our roots. Big, chunky guitars. Beast like drums. But we also do our best to add those characteristics to anything and everything that comes to mind. Even if it’s more upbeat and “happier”. We use the heaviness as an accent. We love our influences but we are very careful not to turn to them too much in our writing. We don’t want to replicate them. That music has already been written. Again the guitar technique, The vocals. We use the style of our influences to accent the kind of melodies we come up with and we think that manifests into a sort of hybrid song.

RC: What instrument does each band member play? Any endorsements and if so who?

The Northmen:

Matthew Gregory- drums

Alix Beitz- lead guitar

Brendan Laverty- bass

Jeremy Lawlor- rhythm/vox

RC: This past year found some major changes for the band didn’t it?

TNM: It did indeed. We have had a lot of exciting things come out very fast.

RC: As a band how have you all found the balance between work, writing/recording and performing?

TNM: Well for one, we all live very close to one another and have a great music room to rehearse and write in. We all pick and choose our dates wisely so it doesn’t interfere with our jobs. We also know how important it is to be ahead of the game and always be well rehearsed.

RC: Do you have a favorite recording studio to use?

TNM: More Sound Music Studio. Syracuse, NY.

RC: What band have you played with has been your biggest moment of, “OH Wow we are sharing the stage with…”

TNM: We are all pretty big fans of Scott Stapp of Creed. There is no bigger fan than our bass player. We were all very excited but that made his day.

RC: Talk to us about this single, “Forevermore”

TNM: This was one of the first songs we wrote back in 2017. During the early days writing. This song crept up on us and we were really amazed by what we had written for being so new to writing music.

RC: Who all did you work with on developing the single “Forevermore” and what did you learn that you may or may not apply in the future?

TNM: Jeremy and Matt have worked together on creating “Forevermore”. Since it was the early days in the band Alix and Brendan weren’t members. There isn’t anything we wouldn’t apply for the future. It just showed that our creativity is limitless.

RC: The video was kind of a different presentation for a song. Can you share why you chose to present “Forevermore” the way you did?

TNM: We actually had a cameraman follow us around for our first home headlining show. We had so much footage that we turned it into a music video. There was a lot of good content.

RC: What is coming next and where can we find you playing?

TNM: May, 17th in Baltimore Maryland at The Depot

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