Clutch with Killswitch Engage and Cro-Mags at Express Live in Columbus, OH

Clutch with Killswitch Engage and Cro-Mags at Express Live in Columbus, OH


Words and images by Shawn Wiseman

Clutch and Killswitch Engage continued their summer U.S. tour making a stop in Columbus, OH, and delivered a power-packed performance along with opener Cro-Mags. With Clutch and Killswitch Engage both riding high on some big releases over the summer months, fans were eager to hear some of their favorite songs and some new ones along the way. The combination of Clutch and Killswitch Engage was sure to be a fan favorite. By the end of the concert, everyone was covered and sweat and smiling! 

Cro Mags were one of my favorite bands back in the early 90’s and are still out kicking ass! Cro-Mags came out and started off the night sounding perfect!  The power of lead singer John Joseph’s voice was still as good as it was 20+ years ago.  Hearing this hardcore band perform live after so many years brought back a lot of memories, and really seemed to get the fans primed to see Killswitch and Clutch take the stage.

Killswitch Engage was up next on the evening leaving Clutch with the headline spot for this stop on the tour.  Killswitch is currently one of my favorite bands to see live.  Every time I see this band I’m just astounded at the sound and energy the band puts into pleasing their fans!  Lead singer Jesse Leach, in my opinion, has one of the best live voices in metal!  Killswitch started off the set with “Strength of Mind” and then ripped into “This Fire”.  Jesse was leaning over the stage reaching out to fans while the guys in the band were moving around the stage.  I believe from a fan perspective it’s cool to have each member of the band cycle through different parts of the stage, and Killswitch nails this every time!  The band was fantastic, the music was amazing, and if you have yet to see Killswitch live… do yourself a favor and see them!  Check out Killswitch Engage’s latest album “Atonement


Clutch was the headliner for this stop on the tour and brought a very different sounds, from hard rock, to metal, to even a blues/funk vibe.  Clutch is another band I’ve seen a number of times and their longevity can be attributed to the lead singer Neil Fallon’s wild energy on stage along with their great sound.  Neil is constantly pacing the stage like a tiger trapped in a cage, while moving along back and forth Neil sings and delivers sounds with a myriad of hand motions and facial expressions.  Clutch came out on the stage and kicked things off with the song “Ghoul Wrangler” and then moved into “H.B. Is in Control”.  Clutch sounded absolutely flawless accompanied on this night.  They went on to perform 15 songs and provided the fans more than their money’s worth!  Be sure to check out Clutch’s latest album “Book of Bad Decisions


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