Interview with The Savior Complex

Interview with The Savior Complex
By Rachel Collins

Rachel Collins: Describe your music sound.


Tony West:  Our sound makes you get up and be present in life. It’s concrete musique blending white noise with abrasive synthesizers and punk provocation.


RC: How crucial do you feel it is to market yourselves digitally?

RD:  We are gonna go door to door like traveling salesman with an 8-track player glued to my ’73 Gremlin. We don’t need the digital world.




RC: Would you consider yourselves to be musicians on a mission?

RD: My name is Elmer J. Fudd. I own a mansion and a yacht. Missions are for monks and tourists.

RC: Talk to us about this lineup of your releases. How did you choose the order?

RD:  The order chose us. “Halo” is our first single and “People Are People” beat out “Caroline” due to a pregnant nun.


RC: There must be more music videos coming from this project, can you share with us how long before we might see your next video and can you tease us with a music/lyric direction?

RD: So far it hasn’t surfaced. But I’m sure it exists. It just takes a while to travel from your head to your fist……I can’t understand.


RC: Talk to us about the band members. What does each band member bring to the bands’ performance?

RD:  I’ll find out Sunday. We recently got all of our players two weeks before our next video shoot.


RC: Is finding a pace and structure outside what has been done already musically difficult for you as a band? Do you feel like you ‘fit in’ or outside the music industry “norm”?

RD: Norm and industry go hand in hand. We don’t need to fit in anywhere except your ear pods. 


RC: What is on the horizon for The Savior Complex?

RD:  Ask God.

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