Burden of the Sky Deliver – (Ellie Goulding Cover) Single/Video “LIGHTS”

Burden of the Sky is an alt-metal/hard rock band that has taken the effervescent dance tones of Ellie Goulding’s hit single “Lights” and given the pop song a whole new level of sound! Raising the bar, Burden of the Sky has released their cover of “Lights” in the form of a rock song that carries an underlying sense of their alt-metal/hard rock sound. Their dynamic abilities really define this single to be its own and without question: Burden of the Sky’s.
A definitive alt-metal/hard rock fusion is what guitarists Brad Shaw and Josh Appel along with keyboardist Michael Mahoney, bassist Dustin Tritsch, drummer Rick Streeter, and vocalist Scottie James have mastered with “Lights”. A striking take that is sure to become a favorite.
Having made its debut in Ghost Cult Magazine, “Lights” quickly was picked up on Space Untravel as well as became a feature over on Ghost Killer Entertainment. Was it the Friday Music Drops that turned ears on end to Burden of the Sky’s rendition of Ellie Goulding’s “Lights” or was there something more significant to what BOTS had created? Their fans had been long waiting on their next single to come and many of their fans follow closely the band members lives as guitarist Bradford Shaw has been dealing with medical issues and guitarist Josh Appel will become a daddy come January 2021 – perhaps “Lights” really had become their beam that shows their talents.
Having chosen a song that quietly kept the vocals of Goulding with a soft pop beat, BOTS has taken every segment, notes, chord into account and created a much stronger work of art from the original. The song is encapsulated into a space of clarity and is truly exquisite. 
“Lights” may be BOTS 2020/2021 delight in this pop/rock/emoish at times bliss. Well-done!
Catch Burden of the Sky coming up on August 8th at the Riverfest 2020 at Fort Madison along with Fozzy, Adelita’s Way, Starset and many others! For more information visit: Riverfestfm.com

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