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 Roger Winfred: If you are following the band at all you can tell there have been some changes happening. Can you tell us what has been going on?

Emma Garell: Well, we have recently brought in 2 new members into the band. Mitchel Bamberger on bass and Dylan Edwards on guitar. This is one of the first times that I really feel at home with them.

RW: How do you feel about change, is it something that you can go with and flow or is it something you don’t like?

Emma Garell: I am very going with the flow, and I have always been my whole life. That doesn’t mean that I don’t get uncomfortable at times but I am quick to adapt. 

RW: What were some of the things you and the band got up to over the shutdown time?

Emma Garell: At the beginning of it we were separate I gardened tons, but coming out of 2020 three of us moved in together and all of us just got back from a band trip to Black Mountain, NC. That really bonded us and gave us the downtime we needed for talking about the future and direction for the band.

RW: Were there any side projects that sprouted up? One we should check out?

Emma Garell: Oh yeah, EM & ME is a folk-country duo that evolved from Mitch and I being alone so much during 2020. We are just starting to perform together. 

RW: If one is aware, you do present multiple sides in your vocals. Do you have a voice that you are more comfortable with or are you able to just plug in wherever the sound is going?

Emma Garell: Of course there are keys and songs and genres that I am comfortable with but I do like to push myself sometimes and perform or write songs outside of my comfort zone.

RW: Bring us up to date with this latest single and video “Bad Intentions”.

Emma Garell: The song I wrote well over a year ago with my old producer, Tod Wright. It is pretty much about being in a social atmosphere and seeing someone you want to flirt with but you are in a relationship. As for the video, I didn’t know it was happening. Cody is a wild card and he just started playing with his camera and told me to sing and move around next thing I knew we had a $4 music video. 

RW: Is this a single that will be on an EP or album coming? Can you give us some goodies on what is brewing?

Emma Garell: Yes, we are looking to release a 7 to 8 song LP this summer. 

RW: What is on the horizon as we head into summer and then onto autumn? What are some of your goals as a vocalist and as a band?

Emma Garell: This Summer we will drop our LP and we have a couple of gigs. But most of the year we want to turn inward and figure out our new sound together.

RW: Any fests coming up or short tours planned in the works?

Emma Garell: No, just a little campground music fest in July. Getting on the road right now would distract us from writing but you can catch us at some local shows I am sure.

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