Emerging rock sensation COLOSSAL STREET JAM is thrilled to announce their exciting collaboration with independent record label FRETBAR RECORDS. This partnership marks a significant milestone in the band’s journey as they embark on a new chapter of their musical career.

COLOSSAL STREET JAM, known for their high-energy performances and bluesy rock sound, has captured the hearts of rock enthusiasts across the nation with their unique blend of classic rock influences and modern melodies, quickly elevating them to prominence in the competitive music scene.

FRETBAR RECORDS, a dedicated supporter of independent artists, is equally excited about the collaboration: “Colossal Street Jam is an amazing rock band that reminds me of why I love music” – JIMMY WARREN – President FRETBAR RECORDS

The partnership with FRETBAR RECORDS brings forth a plethora of opportunities for COLOSSAL STREET JAM. As a label that values creative freedom and artistic expression, FRETBAR RECORDS will work closely with the band to nurture their distinctive sound while expanding their reach to wider audiences.

It’s once been said that all roads lead to home…
That’s precisely where this long-time band of brothers & creative soulmates found themselves, when their well-traveled musical roads converged.

It was at this poignant juncture that COLOSSAL STREET JAM was born.
One may define their electrifying synergy as the cosmic melding & explosive concoction of abstract minds, unique talent, inherent soul, and tireless passion for their beloved craft.

Having a deep & mutual admiration for one another, as well as having tremendous respect for their many, and diverse collective influences, who helped shape their gritty, melodic, psychedelically tinged hard rock stylings, each member truly brings their own individuality, and nuance to the mix.

An eclectic potpourri for the senses, CSJ ultimately, and seamlessly fuse their independent ideas to deliver a singular vision & signature sound that can easily be coined as “New Classic Rock” for the ages.

This hard-driving, 70’s inspired, 5-piece ensemble is comprised of Gene Potts (vocals)… Sal Marra (guitar/ vocals)… Tony Flora (bass)… Dave Halpern (drums)… and Eric Safka (keys).

With their roots firmly planted and their musical heritage tightly in place, CSJ has long been an integral part the legendary Asbury Park, NJ music scene.

Always proud to honor these roots, and the place that gave them their start, the band forever carries with them that feeling of tradition, and heart that has endeared them to growing audiences both nationally and internationally.

In 2016, the band’s release, Living Free, was met with critical acclaim and worldwide press. The albums single, “Songbird” received extensive radio airplay both locally, and globally.

In 2018, that same record won an award for Australian Indie Album of The Year For Internet Radio.

It subsequently remained on the Indie charts, Down Under, for 6 months.

Later that year, in November of 2018, CSJ released their follow up album, Just Take Hold

Once again, they were greeted with extensive Indie and College radio airplay for that record’s namesake single, “Just Take Hold”, as well as for their cover version of the Sugarloaf classic, “Green Eyed Lady”.

In May and December of 2019, CSJ completed two successful European tours, which journeyed them throughout The Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany.

As the world paused for the next couple years, due to the global pandemic, CSJ was still hard at work on their next creative endeavor.

In 2021, they released a new single, “No Way To Live”…

Just as before, they garnered massive airplay, both locally and overseas.

On March 1st, 2023, the long-awaited full length, 11- song album, which was on hold, due to the state of the world was finally released.

Baring the same name, as that previous single, this record triggered the launch of a full-scale publicity campaign, along with upcoming shows in both the US and Europe.

COLOSSAL STREET JAM has shared stages nationwide with the likes of Mark Farner of Grand Funk RailroadRobbie Krieger of The DoorsThe Black CrowesKings XStone Temple PilotsRival SunsBlackberry SmokeThe Drive By TruckersThe Hold SteadyGov’t MuleJohnny WinterSebastian BachBruce DickinsonScreamin’ Cheetah WheeliesRitchie BlackmoreSteve MorseZebraDeep PurpleLeslie WestClarence Clemons, and countless others.


Track List:
1. No Way To Live
2. Seconds
3. Hey!
4. Morning Light
5. Before I Sleep Again
6. Look It Here
7. My Fight Alone
8. Big Trouble
9. Dancing In Place
10. Nothing Like It
11. Songbird (Reprise)

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