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NEW YORK, NY | MAY 9, 2017: New York City deathcore quartet A Wake in Providence recently announced signing to Outerloop Records, along with the release of their latest track, “A Darkened Gospel,” which was hailed by Metal Injection as “a relentlessly destructive track that slows down for no more and annihilates everything in its wake.” The band partnered with Gear Gods to debut a series of playthrough videos, starting with a drum playthrough of “A Darkened Gospel” by the band’s drummer, Anthony Adipietro, followed by a guitar playthrough of “A Darkened Gospel” by D’Andre Tyre. Today, the band closes out the series of releases with a second drum playthrough of the band’s pulverizing track, “The Imperfect: Iconoclast.” Head to Gear Gods to check out the full video and other playthroughs from the band. Anthony Adipietro had this to say about “The Imperfect: Iconoclast“:
Super excited for this playthrough to be out, ‘Iconoclast’ is one of my favorite tracks to play live, it’s definitely a crazy one. Hope you guys dig it. Big thanks to Meinl Cymbals, Vic Firth Sticks, and Vratim Footwear!” – Anthony Adipietro
Formed in 2010 from unremarkable beginnings, A Wake In Providence diligently grew to become the renowned and otherworldly force they are today. Originally a heavier-than-your-average deathcore act, the band’s debut 2010 demo and 2012 debut EP Serpents saw them infusing a raw and ruthless take on traditional deathcore with contemporary metallic elements to make something sharp enough to cut its way through the thicket of bland, boring heavy music acts. While Serpents gained the band notoriety in their local area, it wasn’t until the release of their sophomore EP, Insidious, that the band went from prodigally talented to true rising stars in the heavy music community. Adding a liberal dose of downtempo deathcore to their instrumental stylings, Insidious earned the band global infamy and critical acclaim, as well as tours with some of the underground’s bigger names-including In Dying Arms (Tragic Hero Records), Extortionist and Lorna Shore (Outerloop Records), as well as several smaller solo runs along the East Coast.

Never ones to remain complacent, A Wake In Providence grew once more in 2016, releasing their most recent single “The Imperfect: Iconoclast,” which earned them even more acclaim, as well as a coveted position, voted Chugcore’s Best Deathcore Single of 2016.The Imperfect: Iconoclast” was significant not only for the impact it had on A Wake In Providence’s notoriety, but also for its role in highlighting the addition of new vocalist Will Ramos, and even moreso the band’s drastic stylistic change, omitting their penchant for low, slow downtempo deathcore in favor of a renewed focus on more aggressive, fast and furious traditional deathcore elements with a razor-sharp technical twist. As 2016 transitioned into 2017, A Wake In Providence remain diligent-working with Mike Mowery of Outerloop Management to craft a demonically heavy and unbelievably oppressive full-length release that will not just shake the worldwide heavy music community, but suffocate it, drowning it in acrid, relentless heaviness that will inspire violence even among the most peaceful individuals. 2017 Also sees the temporary addition of guitarist Jordan Felion, adding even more heft and density to the band’s live performances than there was already-and now, the release of their latest single and sampling of the band’s destructive prowess, “A Darkened Gospel.” Make no mistake, when it comes to annihilation, A Wake In Providence do it better than the rest-ensuring that nothing will be left standing in their wake.

Head to Gear Gods today to catch the final installment of A Wake in Providence’s playthrough series, Anthony Adipietro’s drum playthrough for, “The Imperfect: Iconoclast.” Stay tuned for further announcements, tour dates, and new music. Visit Outerloop.Group for more information.
A Wake in Providence- ICONOCLAST Playthrough
A Wake in Providence- ICONOCLAST Playthrough
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