SMALL TOWN TITANS Celebrate 24 Years of ‘Superunknown’ With Cover of SOUNDGARDEN’s “Spoonman”

York, PA heavy rock band SMALL TOWN TITANS has released the Official Music Video for their cover of SOUNDGARDEN’s“Spoonman” to celebrate the 24th anniversary of the release of Superunkownon March 8, 1994. “Chris Cornell has been a musical hero of mine since I was in high school and has been a major influence in the style of our band. Soundgarden’s repertoire of music is…

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Highly Suspect – A and R Music Bar – Columbus Ohio

The Grammy nominated Highly Suspect performed at the A & R Music Bar in Columbus Ohio on 9/11/2016.  Hailing from Cape Cod, the band was founded by twins Rich and Ryan Meyer and their best friend Johnny Stevens.  They are out on tour and had just recently released a new single from the highly anticipated “The Boy Who Died Wolf”…

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