Bunbury Music Festival – Dreamers

Dreamers Review:
by Megan Randall

One look at their website and you can pretty much figure out what to expect with a set from Dreamers; the trio from Brooklyn’s eccentric style permeates throughout everything they touch. With lyrics like “I wanna keep you on a leash,” Dreamers lived up to their off-center, interestingly chaotic band personality with each song.

The band delivered with their hits “Sweet Disaster” and “Drugs,” and just like the aforementioned song, it seemed like the audience couldn’t get enough of them. Their light Alternative sound appealed to a huge audience at the Sawyer Point Stage at Bunbury Music Festival, evoking screams for an encore after the final song.

The band is heavily touring this summer promoting their new album, “This Album Does Not Exist.” Check out the full tour dates at dreamersuniverse.com/tour.

Check out our shots of Dreamers below:
photo credit – Dennis Dick

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