Bunbury Music Festival – Flogging Molly

Flogging Molly Review:
by Ethan Bielik

Flogging Molly is a Irish-American band from Los Angeles, California. They are considered “Celtic-Rock” but can also be considered a punk rock band with their fast paced music style. Flogging Molly has seven members. Most notably is Dave King, he’s the vocals, guitarist and frontman of the band. They’ve been a band since 1997 and are still playing huge sold out shows. They recently released an album in 2017 titled “Life Is Good”.

As soon as Flogging Molly started playing the crowd went wild. I haven’t seen any band have as much energy as they did all three days of Bunbury. The guitarist/vocalist was strumming so fast I thought the skin on his fingers would of been shredded off. Honestly I believe Flogging Molly had the best crowd reaction during the day regardless of the heat. I was beyond impressed with how good of a live performance they put on. It’s definitely something I’ll be remembering for a while.


Flogging Molly Review:

by Megan Randall

You’d better have your beer in hand before Flogging Molly hits the stage or you’ll regret it. Perfecting drinking music, Flogging Molly delivered an energetic set to the crowd at the Nissan stage at Bunbury Music Festival. Kicking off their high intensity set with “The Hand of John L. Sullivan,” the dynamic group performed multiple hits during their set—most of which had something to do with libations of the alcoholic nature.

Despite the intense June heat, the huge crowd that amassed couldn’t help but dance to the Celtic melodies and sing along at the top of their lungs. Ending their set with “7 Deadly Sins,” the guys definitely delivered a set that would make the old country proud.

If you missed them at Bunbury, you’ll need to get your passport to catch them this summer. Flogging Molly is on tour across Europe currently. Find all dates at floggingmolly.com/home/#tour.


Check out our photo’s of Flogging Molly below:

photo credit – Shawn Wiseman 



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