Bunbury Music Festival – Yellow Paper Planes Review

Bunbury Music Festival 2017 – Yellow Paper Planes Review

written by Megan Randall

Standing alone on the stage but not alone in the crowd, Joshua P. James of Yellow Paper Planes frequently commented during his intros that he draws his strength from his band mates sitting close by in the crowd. At this performance, however, at the Southwest Acoustic Stage during the Bunbury Music Festival, his impassioned vocals were solo as they carried Yellow Paper Planes tunes throughout the tree-covered cove.

His set list definitely resonated with the growing crowd as each introduction elicited more applause than the last.  What adjective could summarize James’s set? Passionate is the key word for sure. Each song James seemed to pour more and more of his heart and soul into the microphone. The tunes blended together nicely, and would be the perfect backdrop for a night out at the bars with friends.

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