DevilDriver and Raven Black Warmed Up a Cold Night in Ohio! – Show Review & Photos

DevilDriver and Raven Black Heated Up a Cold Night in Ohio! – Show Review & Photos

Words and images by Shawn Wiseman

On an unusually cold November night in Harrison, Ohio (Cincinnati) DevilDriver and Raven black warmed the crowd up fast!  Unfortunately Jinjer was supposed to perform but had to cancel for this evening.  Nonetheless, Raven Black and DevilDriver made up for the gap in the lineup by putting on a wild show!

Kicking off the night was the horror/comic themed band Raven Black.  I’ve not seen Raven Black before but I’ve seen images of them and heard their music.  They were definitely on my list of acts to check out.  When Raven Black took the stage I was intrigued by everyone’s makeup and clothing, they really have a cool horror theme going on!  Raven was wielding a microphone in one hand and an umbrella in the other, pacing the stage and getting up close and personal with many fans up front.  Raven’s vocals sounded great and matched the cute/scary persona. The other members of the band include, Muppet on drums, Doctor on guitar, and Stitches on bass guitar.  Raven Black is a cool act to see live and I would definitely recommend seeing one of their shows!

Check out photos of Raven Black performing in Harrison, OH here!


The main event, DevilDriver was up next!  DevilDriver released a new album this year titled “Outlaws Til The End Vol. 2” which featured collaborations with so many great artists like Hank 3, Randy Blythe, and Wednesday 13.  Dez Fafara the lead singer joined the band on stage and tore into their first song “Ruthless”.  The fans had already piled up against the stage and when the first song had ended I could see the venue was packed!  While Dez took control of the show he was joined by his guitarist, Neal Tiemann, Austin D’Amond on drums, Diego Ibarra on bass guitar, and Mike Sprietzer on guitar.  The chemistry between bandmates shined musically as well as the nods and fist bumps they provided each other on stage.  As the set continued the band performed flawlessly and included one of my favorite songs from the latest album “Whiskey River” which sounded awesome!  Dez and the band had everyone banging their heads until the end and that cold November night turned into a sweaty mess inside The Blue Note in Harrison, OH.  Go check these guys out live!

Check out photographs of DevilDriver in Harrison, OH here!





Photographs of DevilDriver in Harrison, Ohio






Photographs of Raven Black in Harrison, OH









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