City of the Weak wows the crowd with passion and intensity at Alrosa Villa in Columbus, OH

City of the Weak wows the crowd with passion and intensity at Alrosa Villa in Columbus, OH

By Cathy Moore of Moore Rock Shots & Reviews

Photographs by Shawn Wiseman


It was a full night of raucous rock ‘n roll at Alrosa Villa in Columbus, OH on Saturday night. Six energetic and eclectic bands headlined by the one and only Super Bob shook the walls of the legendary venue. Kicking off the show were four local bands – Kienemy, Heart Means More, Zero Signal, All We’ve Taken – and providing direct support for Super Bob was my personal favorite, City of the Weak.


It was the first time these vivacious and talented Minnesotan rockers had played in this venue, but not their first visit to Columbus. Frontwoman Stef with an F told the small but enthusiastic crowd that Columbus has always been very generous to the band and they were excited to be meeting new people and making new fans.


City of the Weak kicked off the show with “Like I Do” from their full-length album released this year called Pulling Teeth. People in the venue rushed toward the stage like magnets to metal. Then the band brought down the house with stellar performances of songs mostly from Pulling Teeth including “Censor This”, “Glad You Could Make It”, “Ungrateful”, and their newest single, “Not This Time”.


At one point Stef with an F told the crowd that if we didn’t remember anything else from the set that she wanted us to remember this…Trust Nobody…and then the band launched into that song from Pulling Teeth. This is SUCH a cool song…and a cool slogan for a City of the Weak t-shirt available at their merch table (which I purchased).


I am a big City of the Weak fan so I greatly enjoyed the entire set, but there were two major highlights for me. First – their cover of the Incubus tune “Pardon Me”. I’ve always loved this song, but their version just gives me goosebumps. Second – when Stef told the crowd that she was “a cold, heartless bitch” before jamming to my personal favorite City of the Weak song, “Leech” from Disclosure. Anyone who knows Stef knows that she is far from a cold, heartless bitch, but her vocal range and general badassery on that song could make me believe anything.


City of the Weak couldn’t leave the stage without playing a couple of their biggest hits from the past – “Just Another Eulogy” from Disclosure and of course “White Fire Alarm” from their first EP of the same name. It was an absolutely electric set from start to finish.


The energy of this band just can’t be expressed in words. Even though this show is one of the last shows on the grueling tour with Super Bob, Stef (lead vocals), Cody (bass), and Brent (guitar) along with touring drummer Rocky didn’t show any signs of tour fatigue. They owned every inch of the stage and commanded the attention of the crowd every second of their performance. City of the Weak is so much fun to watch and so gracious to fans. I strongly encourage you to catch them live if possible.


Check out photographs of the band and links to City of the Weak below!


Connect with City of the Weak online:

Official website: https://cityoftheweak.wordpress.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cityoftheweak/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CityoftheWeak
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cityoftheweak/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChFoSo_gJ3Fv11SQPkzMx7Q
Vevo: https://www.vevo.com/artist/city-of-the-weak

Photographs of City of the Weak performing in Columbus, OH (click any image to open gallery)

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