Streetlight Manifesto – Bunbury Music Festival 2019 Day 3

Streetlight Manifesto

By Megan Randall

After Metallica’s “Ride The Lightning” as their intro, the ska/punk band Streetlight Manifesto stormed the Monster Stage late afternoon Day 3 at the Bunbury Music Festival with their “Watch It Crash.” This set definitely did NOT crash and burn contrary to what the song would have led you to believe. Rather, most in the audience decided it was time to dance and enthusiastically cheered on the set.

Lead singer Tomas Kalnoky definitely did have a small snafu at the beginning of the set. He let out a very enthusiastic, “What’s up Indiana!” to the Ohio crowd. The mood as upbeat as the music, the audience laughed it off and quickly continued taking in the band’s lively songs including past hits, “A Moment of Violence” and “A Better Place, A Better Time.”

If you missed this fun set, you can catch them on tour nationwide through the end of 2019.

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Photographs by Michael Deinlein

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