Review of Owl Company’s full-length debut “Horizon” – You have to check these guys out!

Owl Company Horizon review 2017

By Cathy Moore of Moore Rock Shots & Reviews

It’s been just over a week since Owl Company’s full-length debut release Horizon was released to the world. After listening to the CD from “Intro” to “Underdog” I have to wonder if this group of guys from São Paulo, Brazil is ready for the fame that is sure to come with such an amazing album.

Owl Company, comprised of Felipe Ruiz (guitars), Enrico Minelli (vocals), Fabio Yamamoto (bass), and Thiago Biasoli (drums), formed in 2015 and has built a strong presence in São Paulo, playing all the premier venues in town. The band combines hard rock influences from the 70s to the 90s with modern rage and brutality to create a sound that is fresh, aggressive, and engaging.  It replaces the atonal chromaticism of a lot of modern metal with steamrolling grooves without sacrificing one bit of energy.

Horizon grabs your attention from the very first second of the first song, “Intro” which combines rocking riffs and driving drums with police sirens and almost inaudible vocals. I found myself literally turning the volume up and leaning in to the speakers wondering – what the hell is happening?! Come to find out it was Alfred Noyes reading The Highwayman under the raucousness.

In the middle of the Horizon mayhem is the first single from the album, “Riddles.” It’s such a badass song. Fist pumping beats and the deep dark vocals that make your ribcage rumble. This track really shows the chemistry of the band and the range of their musicality.

My favorite track on the CD is “Caged Emotions” for its steady, subtle power. It has a pulsing rhythm, melodic vocals, and an almost grunge rock ballad feel about it. Make no mistake – it’s still heavy and hard hitting, but it definitely shows a more subtle side of Owl Company’s power.

Horizon ends with the groovy track “Underdog”, which I can see as their next big hit. It’s a pure rock anthem that is sure to set stadiums of fans into a sing-along frenzy. I love how the music fades low in the middle of the song and then slides into a crazy cool guitar solo before it crescendos back into a killer jam that makes you want to bang your head and pump your fists.

The entire CD is savage and tracks like “Celebrate And Kneel,” “Ain’t Time For This,” and “Deathrow” blow down walls with a sound that is intensely dark and political.  Think Soundgarden meets Black Sabbath with twice the guts.

Real rock and roll is all about power.  It’s got to have the power to command attention, fill the stage, and move the crowd.  It needs to have that crackle of electric energy that surges up the spine and snaps your head around.  Owl Company brings all this and more to the party, crafting memorable and melodic rock music that ripples its big riff muscles and instantly makes you want to hear more.

The release of Horizon will be followed by tours of the USA and Europe to let rock fans of the world experience the dynamism of Owl Company live.  It’s hoped the album and tours will elevate Owl Company to a well-deserved place on the world stage and into the ears of heavy music aficionados everywhere.  One listen and you’ll know that Owl Company is a force of nature and will not be ignored.


Connect with Owl Company online:

https://www.facebook.com/coruj aofficial

https://www.instagram.com/owlc oband/


https://www.youtube.com/channe l/UCeMx5FfDi3hUwbVMFiKauqw



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