The Outfit Are Set To Bring Back Rock And Roll In It’s Truest Form On 2/2/18! Review Of Their Upcoming Self-Titled Album

Hailing from Chicago, The Outfit are set to release their self-titled debut on February 2, 2018 on Pavement Entertainment. Composed of brothers Mark (drums) and Matt Nawara (guitar), Andy Mitchell (guitar and vocals), and Mike Gorman (bass), The Outfit is set to bring back rock and roll in its truest form.  No need for flash, when you can structure an upbeat, catchy song with a bite to it.


What I’ve enjoyed from this album is its ability to present music that is honest and rhythmic.  The delivery is straightforward and thoughtful with its lyrics.

Standouts for me have been TKO which talks about the struggles of life while growing up in not the most perfect of circumstances. Another stellar track is Unfolds, which has a Foo Fighter feel to it, but is able to differentiate itself by staying on a modern rock platform instead of leaning towards any other genre. A change of pace on this album is Miracle, which, by my interpretation, talks about second chances and the possibilities that can come from those choices.  If you look deeper, you can almost feel the deep ache of regret of not saying what the heart wanted to yell.



The Outfit has a great album on its hands which should leave its listeners satisfied.

Review by Rene Botello

For Rock All Photography Music Magazine



You can find The Outfit online at the following:






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