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There is a reason the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is in Ohio. Some of the biggest names in rock music hail from the Buckeye State including Nine Inch Nails, Mushroomhead, Marilyn Manson, and Chrissie Hynde. More recent bands like Red Sun Rising, Beartooth, and Starset have shown the world that Ohio knows how to rock. Now joining the ranks of these hot Ohio rockers is Facing Fire.


Facing Fire is a hard rock band from Southern Ohio. Collectively, the members have been in multiple bands and played countless shows. They officially formed as Facing Fire in late 2016 when vocalist Scott Artis, guitarist Tony Phillips, and bass player Josh Quillen began writing material together. Later drummer Samuel Gibson joined the lineup and the band was complete.


The EP from Facing Fire was released through Pavement Entertainment last month and it includes four heavy-hitting, hard rocking tunes that showcase the band’s musicality.


The first single from the EP, “Dying Inside”, invokes a sense of strength with driving guitars and drums and Artis belting out lyrics like “raise your fists and fight”. The video is a dark and dramatic story of a man battling drug abuse mixed with shots of the band performing in their high-energy style.


The other three songs “Filthy Life”, “Overcome”, and “Fake” reinforce the sound Facing Fire has to share with the world. Artis has a strong, gravelly voice that reminds me of Adam Gontier (one of my all time favorite vocalists). The chemistry of the band is obvious as they mesh brilliantly producing a rich rock sound.


“Facing Fire has been the chance of a lifetime. I finally get to make the kind of music I’ve always wanted,” says Phillips. “When all the pieces come together like this and there’s that chemistry there, it’s an amazing experience as an artist. You can’t help but want to work even harder and do even more. We just want to explore where the music takes us and we really hope the listeners will be as involved in the experience as we are.”


I predict this is just the beginning of Facing Fire’s success. They have a cool chemistry, impassioned lyrics, and dedicated drive – a recipe for rock music magic.

Facing Fire Review 2018

By Cathy Moore of Moore Rock Shots & Reviews

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