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By Cathy Moore of Moore Rock Shots & Reviews

Whoever said that no good rock music comes from France might have to rethink this opinion once they hear the French trio TALIA. Aggressive riffs, heavy bass, and pounding beats, TALIA falls in line with ’90s rock bands like Hole, except with a little less lipstick. Always lively and on the verge of explosion, their music excites crowds. TALIA just released its fourth EP, Let Sleeping Dogs Lie, via Pavement Entertainment on May 4 of this year and it is an energetic and eclectic mix of solid rock tunes.


TALIA is not new to the world of rock. Nicolas Costa (vocals/guitar), Alice (bass), and Mickey (drums) have been making music for over a decade. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie is the successor of Cockroach Killer (2008), Permanent Midlife Crisis (2013), and Thugs They Look Like Angels (2015) and it brings a heavier sound than their previous releases. The style is a really interesting mix of ‘90s rock and grunge with a little punk thrown in. It’s a unique sound that is hard to compare but really cool to experience.


Let Sleeping Dogs Lie is a collection of five tracks that showcase the seasoned talent and chemistry of this band. We get everything from high-energy riffs and driving drums in songs like “Afraid of Heights” and “Wreckage” to a slower acoustic tune with “Bleed You Dry.” The last track “In The Evening” has more of a new wave punk sound than the other tracks, which is a cool addition to the EP. My favorite track is definitely “Still Waters” because it has some really cool musical elements like a gorgeous guitar intro, a sweet drum bridge into a killer guitar solo, and really impassioned lyrics. In every song, Costa’s voice has a unique tone to it – a slightly scratchy texture that adds depth to his sound.


TALIA are out on tour with labelmates, FLAW and Smile Empty Soul for The Flawless Smile Tour. The tour will wrap up in Dallas, TX on June 30th. It’s a great lineup and definitely a show you won’t want to miss.


6/19 Wilmington, NC – Reel Cafe

6/20 Florence, SC – 507 Live

6/22 Chillicothe, OH – Feel the Fire Fest 6

6/23 Findlay, OH – All American Rock House

6/26 Clarksville, TN – O’Connor’s Irish Pub

6/27 Memphis, TN – Hi Tone Cafe

6/28 New Orleans, LA – Southport Hall

6/29 Houston, TX – Concert Pub North

6/30 Dallas, TX – Trees


Connect with Talia:

Official Website: http://taliarock.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/taliarock/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/taliarock


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