Music can change a bit, but there’s no denying a guitar virtuoso his due. Adrian Galysh is one of those fretboard masters. Our review of “Venusian Sunrise” by Adrian Galysh

Music can change a bit, but there’s no denying a guitar virtuoso his due.  Adrian Galysh is one of those fretboard masters. Today marks the re-release and completely re-recorded album Venusian Sunrise, which was initially released twenty years ago.  This release contains the original recording, a re-recorded version and two live tracks.

The first track that caught my attention was What On Earth. The thematic introduction leads to fretboard melody and precise string picking, leading the listener to rolling hills of imagery.  The guitar solo takes you on a whirlwind ride and making it known that you are definitely in guitar infested waters!

Not only will you be exposed to fast shredding; Adrian is able to expose soft gentle emotions on the track Miss Fabiana The Ballerina.  If you close your eyes, you can imagine a ballerina lightly dancing on your eardrums in rhythm to the strum of the acoustic guitars.

Another favorite track was In The End which has a fierce bite of controlled chaos flying over guitar strings mixed the rush of jumping feet first into the unknown.

Even though this is a re-release, the production and recording is polished like a unknown secret gem, with care taken to create something that easy to pick up and enjoy.  The beauty of this guitar instrumental album is that I was able to close my eyes and hear every note plucked, picked, hammered and swept; which lead me on a joyous journey of appreciation. Fans of rock and guitar instrumental will get their fill.

By Rene Botello











  1. Venusian Sunrise
  2. What on Earth
  3. Blue Jungle
  4. Lullaby of South Aiken St
  5. Drifting Memories
  6. So Close So Far
  7. Lydian Dreams
  8. Miss Fabiana The Ballerina
  9. In The End




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