Review of Kiss Kiss Bang’s EP “Hearts on Fire”

Review of Kiss Kiss Bang’s EP “Hearts on Fire”

By Cathy Moore 


When I think about music from Kentucky my first thought is bluegrass. Then country music. Then maybe even folk music. Good old fashioned rock and roll does not jump to the front of my mind. That just might be about to change thanks to Kiss Kiss Bang.


Kiss Kiss Bang is a classic rock n’ roll quintet born and bred in the heart of western Kentucky. Trevor Smith, Andrew Hopper, Clayton Crowder, and Malcolm Warren form a powerhouse of a raw and electric modern slam band with monstrous guitars and Eagles-style vocals that carry near constant three part harmonies. Accompanied by a thundering rhythm section of groove running bass and wild n’ out, heavy hitting drum beats that act as a constant heartbeat to the already tight and locked in showmen, Kiss Kiss Bang have been one of the top tier, heavyweights of the Bowling Green, KY local music scene for only a few years. A complete renovation from the ground up in 2018 changed not only the sound of the band, but the soul itself. Sharing stages with multiple national acts over the last couple of years have helped the young bloods get a little more long in the tooth and more the wiser at just what it takes to not only get to the top, but f**king stay there!


On May 31, 2019, Kiss Kiss Bang released its debut EP Hearts on Fire. There are only 6 songs, but every one packs a punch and shows the musicality of this young band. The EP kicks off with “Head Change” which has an almost ominous guitar intro that crescendos into a sultry rock groove. It has such an interesting sound that makes listeners anxious to experience the rest of the EP.


“When It Rains” shows the softer side of the band in an impassioned rock ballad, whereas “She’s Bad” and “My Last Goodbye” have the driving rhythms that remind us that this band at heart is about raucous rock and roll.


A fun surprise was track 4 – Kiss Kiss Bang’s version of the 1984 Bryan Adams hit “Run to You.” They stayed pretty true to the melody but the tone of Smith’s vocals gave the song a whole new sound. I thought it was a great remake of a classic tune.


The first single from Hearts On Fire is the title track and it is rowdy rock jam with a little bit of a southern rock groove. The video for “Hearts On Fire” – part performance and part candid band moments – shows the personality these guys clearly have. They seem like a fun-loving group of musicians ready to take the world by storm. With this kind of talent, I have no doubt they will.


Kiss Kiss Bang is:

Trevor Smith
Andrew Hopper
Clayton Crowder
Malcolm Warren


Upcoming Kiss Kiss Bang tour dates:

Fri. 7/12- SideTracks Music Hall in Huntsville, Alabama (w/Faster Pussycat and Bang Tango)

Sat. 7/13- Muggbee’s in Somerset, Kentucky

Fri. 7/19- Tidball’s in Bowling Green, Kentucky

Fri. 7/26- Rib Lickers Smoke Shack in Glasgow, Kentucky

Fri. 8/9- Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Sat. 8/10- Backseat Bar and Grill in Winchester, Virginia

Wed. 8/14- The Basement in Nashville, Tennessee



Connect with Kiss Kiss Bang

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kisskissbangmusic/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Kisskissbangmusic/



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