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Eve to Adam Odyssey review 2017

Eve to Adam is not new to the rock scene. They have been producing music and touring with top name bands for more than 15 years. They have released five albums and had three songs reach the top 40 on Billboard’s Mainstream Rock Chart. Their single “Immortal” from the 2013 breakout album Locked & Loaded is arguably their biggest hit and catapulted them to rock and roll stardom.

On February 20, Eve to Adam resurfaced with their highly anticipated new album, Odyssey. The band, comprised of Taki Sassaris (vocals), Alex Sassaris (drummer), Markus Wells (guitar), and Matt Spaker (guitar/bass), has returned stronger than ever and ready to continue their quest to make “modern rock” modern again.

Odyssey starts with “Altitude”, which has an unexpected techno vibe to it – starting with heavy synthesizer sounds that provide an undercurrent for the song.  But when the raucous guitar riffs and driving drums take over and Taki’s recognizable growls and gravelly vocals chime in we are reminded that yes, Eve to Adam is still 100% rock.

The next track, “Tongue Tied,” is the first single from the new album and is “an anthem for shutting up your haters by succeeding where they thought you had failed,” says lead singer Taki Sassaris. He said it was the perfect choice for the first single release because it will get people’s attention to the “evolution and survival” of Eve to Adam. I have to agree with Taki on this one. “Tongue Tied” is a fast and furious rock anthem driven by the steady heartbeat of the drums, filled with thrashing guitars, and complemented by Taki’s powerful vocals. It absolutely commands attention – as do all of the other songs on Odyssey.

Every track on the album is noteworthy in its own way, but a few standouts for me are “Undertow”, “Emergency”, and “Hurt Me.” Any of these could be the next single release in my opinion. These tunes are more mainstream than some of the others on the album but still showcase Taki’s dynamic vocals and the diverse melodic range of the band. The lyrics are widely relatable, which make them even more appealing.

“Chasing Ghosts” is definitely my favorite track on the album. It is an emotional rock ballad about the loss of love. The lyrics are powerful and poignant and Taki’s vocal performance is just so heart-wrenching it almost brought me to tears. It haunted me (pun intended) even after I had moved on to the next song.

On the other end of the spectrum from this heartfelt ballad, Eve to Adam gives us the bluesy jam “Day Drinkin’” – a fist pumpin’, foot stompin’ rock and roll anthem that will no doubt be a fan favorite from this album. “(Day Drinkin’) Throw ‘em back ‘til the morning light. (Day Drinkin’) Livin’ hard but it feels so right. (Day Drinkin’) You numb the pain to fight the fight. (Day Drinkin’) There ain’t no shame in this way of life.” With lyrics like that, who wouldn’t love it?

To the naysayers who claim rock and roll is dead, Taki Sassaris says, “Rock and Roll is far from dead, and in fact it is making a huge comeback. I have dedicated my life to the fact that there is no greater, dynamic live art form than a rock band firing on all cylinders, leaving a piece of their soul on the stage and taking the crowd with them on a roller coaster ride through the emotional spectrum of the human experience! We live to push these boundaries every night. That’s what this is all about!”

Eve To Adam has also revealed dates and VIP packages for their Tongue Tied Tour with special guests Message From Sylvia, which launched February 11th in Orlando, FL and winds through the US, finally wrapping up March 12th in Knoxville, TN. Chris Warner, formerly of Butcher Babies will fill in as drummer for the tour.

Remaining Tongue Tied Tour Dates:

02/26 @ The Back Bar – Janesville, WI

02/28 @ The Venue – Dubuque, IA

03/01 @ Top Fuel Saloon – Bradiwood, IL

03/02 @ Phat Headz Bar – Green Bay, WI

03/03 @ Every Buddy’s Bar – Chippewa Falls, WI

03/04 @ The Loaded Buffalo – Mundelein, IL

03/07 @ Vaudville Mews – Des Moines, IA

03/08 @ Fubar – St. Louis, MO

03/10 @ Outland Ballroom – Springfield, MO

03/11 @ The Warehouse – Clarksville, TN

03/12 @ The Open Chord – Knoxville, TN

VIP Meet & Greet Packages available here: https://national-acts.com/evetoadam/





Review by Cathy Moore

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