Davey Suicide – “Made From Fire” Album Review

Davey Suicide – “Made From Fire” Album Review

By Cathy Moore for Rock All Photography and Music

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Once in a great while a band comes along that is more than just great music. They are a whole experience – a whole persona and production that makes the music even more interesting and impactful. Davey Suicide is one of those bands.

Since its formation in 2010, Davey Suicide has been cultivating the underground by fusing arena rock, gutter grit, sleaze and theatrics into their own “nu” brand of industrial rock. The band, which features Davey Suicide along with Drayven DavidsonNeedlzNiko Gemini, and Derek Obscura, distills heavy metal, industrial and punk into anthems that are as corrosive as they are catchy. “Rock fans haven’t gone anywhere,“ Suicide exclaims. “They just need a reason to fall in love again.” Davey Suicide aims to give rock fans that reason.

On March 24, the band’s 3rd studio LP, Made From Fire, hits the world and some say it is quite possibly their best collection of material to date. The first track is a 42-second is a battle march that draws listeners into the heart of the album. The first full-length track, “Rise Above,” is also the first single released from the album and has a strong industrial metal flavor and a stronger fuck you attitude. “This song,” Davey Suicide has said, “captures the raw emotion of everything that we’ve been living through, and it’s the first step toward our new future.”

This is my first exposure to the driving beats, dark lyrics, growling vocals, and thrashing guitars that define the unique and unpredictable world of Davey Suicide. And I can honestly say I am hooked. This album has it all – dance metal vibes like “Dancing with the Reaper” and “Devil’s Night”, fun and freaky tunes like “Too Many Freaks” and “Torture Me”, fierce war cries with “Anti-System Revolution” and “Made From Fire” and even metal ballads with “No Angel” and “Take The Pain Away.” I tried to pick a favorite and I just couldn’t. You truly have to experience this album for yourself to appreciate all of the wild and wonderful nuances.

Made From Fire incorporates the anarchistic bite of vintage Marilyn Manson with the stadium feel of Bring Me The Horizon and the epic melodies courtesy of In This Moment. Blended together with barefaced sex appeal and borderline extremism and danger, Davey Suicide has erected a new kingdom of torching wrath, industrial destruction, passionate melodies, tons of charisma and a tough attitude allowing only one conclusion: If there’s one rock band out there the world really, really needs right now, it’s Davey Suicide.
You can catch Davey Suicide on tour now with Dope, Combichrist, and September Mourning.


Mar 12               Red Zone                         Madison, WI

Mar 13               Metal Grill                       Cudahy, WI

Mar 14               Agora Ballroom           Cleveland, OH

Mar 15               Home Bar                        Arlington Heights, IL

Mar 16               Big Shots                         Valparaiso, IN

Mar 17               Apollo Theatre             Belvidere, IL

Mar 18               Machine Shop               Flint, MI

Mar 19               The Music Factory      Battle Creek, MI

Mar 20               Trixie’s                             Louisville, KY

Mar 21               Diesel                                Pittsburgh, PA

Mar 22               Reading                            Crum Lynne, PA

Mar 24               The Palladium              Worcester, MA

Mar 25               Fish Head Cantina      Halethorpe, MD

Mar 26               Arizona Pete’s              Greensboro, NC

Mar 28               Haven Lounge              Orlando, FL

Mar 29               The Orpheum                Tampa, FL

Mar 30               O’Malleys                        Margate, FL

Apr 02                Southport Music          New Orleans, LA

Apr 03                Grizzly Hall                    Austin, TX

Apr 05                Fitzgeralds                     San Antonio, TX

Apr 06                Trees                                 Dallas, TX

Apr 08                Club Red                          Mesa, AZ

Apr 09                The Regent Theater   Los Angeles, CA





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