Code Orange Blew Away The Crowd At Newport Music Hall In Columbus, OH!! Check Out Our Coverage Of The Show!

Code Orange has quickly become one of my favorite bands and having an opportunity to not only photograph the show but to see them LIVE for the first time was epic!  Code Orange is touring with Gojira and to have those two bands on the same bill was really exciting!  Code Orange opened the night at the Newport Music Hall in Columbus, Ohio to a nearly full venue.  The house lights dimmed and the bright orange/red lights came on leading the band to their home for the next 30 minutes!

The band came out with such a powerful energy!  Honestly, I wasn’t sure where to point my camera as Reba Meyers (guitarist/vocals) and Joe Goldman (bass) began to run the stage.  It was like witnessing a cage match!  Joe Goldman is this larger than life guy wielding the bass guitar and lurching at the crowd and then jumping and kicking on stage.  Reba Meyers meanwhile goes from one side of the stage to the other whipping her red hair while shredding on the guitar.  This was truly a spectacle and to witness it from the photo pit was just awesome!  While a ton of activity was going on up front, drummer and vocalist Jami Morgan growled into the microphone the lyrics to their songs.  This show was so awesome!! I cannot stress enough how much power this band brings to their live show! If you dig their music you have to try to catch a show!!


Photos, links, and videos are below!



Check out the band’s latest video “The Mud” below:

Code Orange is:

Eric Balderose

Reba Meyers

Dominic Landolina

Joe Goldman

Jami Morgan

Follow Code Orange Online:







Setlist from Columbus, Ohio Show:


The New Reality

My World

Bleeding in the Blur


Kill the Creator

I Am King



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