Interview with David and Troy of Lovesick Radio

  If you were to brand the sound of Lovesick Radio where would you place yourselves? David: Working-class rock n roll on steroids. & We wouldn’t have it any other way.  Troy: Yeah, def blue-collar American Rock…work for everything you get and leave it all on the stage. No tricks or gimmicks…just loud guitars and passion. Do you feel your…

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Interview with Chris Hobbs of Cavo

  Interview with Chris Hobbs of Cavo Do you recall the very first time the band played Duran Duran’s single “Come Undone” live on stage? Chris Hobbs Ya, I remember we started jamming this song right around the time we were hitting our stride as a band. We were writing a lot and in one rehearsal I just started messing…

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Interview with SEASONS – Nick Gober Keller

Gretchen Reavis: Seasons has gone through some seasons of their own. Wasn’t there a recent lineup change? Nick Gober-Keller: Yeah. In the last year, our singer decided he would like to pursue a different musical venture. So after discussing our options we proposed to our then drummer, Randall Sykes, that he take over the duties as the frontman. Randall has…

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