Sevendust in San Antonio! Photo’s and Show Review here!

Sevendust has been around for a while, twenty years to be exact! With this year being their twenty year anniversary, they gave back to fans by playing 3 shows back to back in Texas as well as playing their debut album in its entirety.  I was lucky to attend the San Antonio show at the last minute, arriving thirty minutes before their set.  Walking into a packed venue was no surprise, as is expected from such a great band.

Black started the set off like a living bomb of music, bringing the crowd to a sonic roar and jumping in excitement.  With each song, the band came alive like a sonorous beast ready to consume those in presence.  Twenty years of performing has not slowed them down one bit.  Sevendust are still vibrant and powerful as ever.  In between songs, singer Lajon made sure the crowd knew how thankful they are for the fans devotion and love throughout the years; making it a point to emphasize that the crowd were not just fans, but family.  This goes a long way in letting fans know that they are the reason why they perform music for and happily.

Rounding out the night came the song Thank you, which brought the set to a beautiful close, leaving fans completely satisfied and euphoric.  2018 will be a big year for Sevendust as they are on track to release a new album, which fans are eagerly and impatiently waiting for.  We are ready for you Sevendust!!

Review and photographs by Rene Botello

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Photos from the San Antonio show:

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