Pop Evil Proves Why “Waking Lions” Recently Reached #1 On Rock Radio, They Kill It Live! Coverage Of Pop Evil In Columbus, Ohio!

Pop Evil recently reached #1 on Rock Radio with “Waking Lions” and after seeing Pop Evil many times I can tell you this was one of the band’s best live performance’s to date.

On April 8th Pop Evil took the stage of the Newport Music Hall in Columbus, Ohio to a near sell out crowd!  As the lights dimmed, drummer Haley Cramer took her seat behind the drums and the crowd roared. Next, bassist Matt DiRito, guitarists Dave Grahs, and Nick Fueling stormed the stage. The lights kicked on and lead singer Leigh Katakay came out and kicked off the night with the song “Ways To Get High.” The performance had the sound and energy every rock music fan craves from a live show and the band kept right on rocking as they played “Boss’s Daughter.” But fans got more than just a great audio experience at the Pop Evil show, the lighting and stage setup were top notch! The smoke effects and multi-level stage showcased the band members, with drummer Haley Cramer in the center of it all up top.

Things slowed down a bit with the next song, “Torn To Pieces”, and then Pop Evil brought the energy way up with their hit song “Waking Lions”.  Matt DiRito the bassist was a blast to watch as he ran around the stage, getting right up to the edge before flashing the fans in the front with his smile.

The band performed flawlessly with sound and energy every rock music fan hopes to see when they spend their money on a live show! Overall the night was flawless with an amazing 16 song set-list  including “Deal With The Devil”, finishing off the encore with “Trenches”.  Everyone left the show extremely happy to be a Pop Evil fan! What an awesome show it was!


Check out photographs from the Columbus, Ohio show below:

Pop Evil Is:

  • Leigh Kakaty
  • Hayley Cramer
  • Dave Grahs
  • Matt DiRito
  • Nick Fuelling

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Pop Evil Tour Dates: http://popevil.com/tour-dates/

1. Waking Lions
2. Colors Bleed
3. Ex Machina
4. Art of War
5. Be Legendary
6.  Nothing But Thieves
7. A Crime To Remember
8. God’s Dam
9. When We Were Young
10. Birds of Prey
11. Rewind
Stream on Spotify
Stream on Spotify

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