GHOST – Death and Rebirth! Show review and photo’s of Ghost in Columbus, Ohio!

Ghost at Express Live in Columbus, Ohio

Ghost is on tour in advance of the release of “Prequelle” which will be out on 6/1/18.  Ghost has a new front man named Cardinal Copia this tour as Papa Emeritus has passed away.  The concert started with the familiar smell of incense in the air and the curtain opening to a beautiful multi-level set.  The Nameless Ghouls took the stage and kicked things off with “Ashes” and then right into the latest hit from Ghost, “Rats”.  Once “Rats” started up we had our first chance at seeing Cardinal Copia live and what a cool look for Ghosts new lead man!  The lighting and the way that everyone in the band was positioned was awesome!  The new additions to the band were up on the right with a keyboard and doing backup vocals while the drummer was stationed on the top left.  The other Ghouls moved around throughout the show each taking turns showcasing their skills up front in the spotlight.  The 3rd song of the night was “Absolution” which sounded fantastic, Ghost definitely has mastered their live sound as it was flawless! Ghost performed hits such as “Square Hammer”, “Cirice”, “Year Zero”, and “Mummy Dust” along with many others!!

The current tour features set lists that run 20+ songs and even includes an intermission.  There is no opening acts and you get a full two hour experience with the band that is truly amazing!  Ghost continues their tour throughout the United States through early June so get out there and see them live!

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