Bunbury Music Festival 2018 – Day 1 Coverage

Our coverage of Bunbury 2018 Day 1!

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The Chainsmokers Young The Giant Fitz and The Tantrums
Royal Blood LANY Lauren Eylise
Allan Rayman The Front Bottoms Welshy Arms
Everything Everything REO Cragun Personal Public
The Wrecks




The Chainsmokers

By Cathy Moore of Moore Rock Shots & Reviews

Photo Credit: Shawn Wiseman

As darkness fell on day one of the 2018 Bunbury Music Festival, fans flocked to the Nissan Stage to catch the award winning and chart topping EDM phenomenon The Chainsmokers. The field was muddy and most of the crowd was still wet from the earlier downpour, but no one seemed to care once The Chainsmokers took the stage.

 Alex Pall and Drew Taggart are a dynamic duo that has evolved into a dominating musical force with a diverse repertoire of songs that have led them to become one of music’s hottest recording artists. The excitement was palpable for every second of the show.

The Chainsmokers kicked things off with the title track of their latest release “Sick Boy.” They played all their biggest hits including “Paris” and “Closer” and “Don’t Let Me Down.” They got massive screams of delight when they snuck in remixes of major hits like “Last Resort” from Papa Roach and “Zombie” by The Cranberries.

There was smoke, fire, lights, confetti and giant LED screens with insanely cool animations. And everything was perfectly coordinated with the music. As if that wasn’t engaging enough, the guys also threw in some dancing and joking to connect with the crowd. It was just so freaking fun!

The Chainsmokers have a grueling tour schedule continuing throughout the summer and taking them all over the world. This is definitely a show not to be missed. Find all of their tour dates online.

Connect with The Chainsmokers online:

Website: http://www.thechainsmokers.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thechainsmokers/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheChainsmokers



Young The Giant

By Megan Randall

Photo Credit: Nikki Forte

Although delayed due to a spat of crazy Ohio spring weather, Young the Giant took to the stage with enough enthusiasm to keep the wet but still wild crowd entertained as “Day 1” began its descent into nightfall.

Young the Giant is one of those cross-genre bands that appeals to a host of different tastes, from the blanket-chilling grey headed professionals taking an evening out to the young pit jumpers leaching forward trying to get the best view. Kicking off their set with their hit “Amerika,” the packed crowd at the Sawyer Point stage sang and danced along entranced. Ironically, as the sun set over the Bunbury crowd the band’s backdrop screen featured a sun slowing rising throughout the song.

It’s not a party until it’s someone’s birthday, and that means this set was definitely a celebration.  Lead vocalist Sameer Gadhia threw the crowd (and maybe his bandmate) a curveball and led an enthusiastic crowd-participation “Happy Birthday” to bassist Payam Doostzadeh while he was presented with cakes. The cherry on top was Gadhia’s sparkly jacket he donned for the rest of the show. The band finished their set with the huge hit, “My Body.”

Although the band has not communicated a release date for a new album, Gadhia did announce a new single release in July. You can catch the entire crew on tour this summer.





Fitz and The Tantrums

By Cathy Moore of Moore Rock Shots & Reviews

Photo Credit: Shawn Wiseman and Nikki Forte

What do you get when you combine a male vocalist, a female vocalist, a bunch of musical instruments including sax, bass, drums, keyboards and even a tambourine, and a whole bunch of electrifying energy? You get Fitz and the Tantrums.

Fitz and the Tantrums brought its menagerie of musical talents to the 2018 Bunbury Music Festival for an absolutely massive crowd on day 1 of the event. Even lead vocalist Michael Fitzpatrick, aka Fitz, was impressed by the crowd that came to party with the chart-topping band. “Holy shit there’s a lot of you guys,” Fitz exclaimed.

Joining Fitz on stage were his “Tantrums” – Noelle Scaggs (Co-Vocals), James King (Saxophone), Joseph Karnes (Bass), John Wicks (Drums), and Jeremy Ruzumna (keyboards).  The band played hits from their debut album, Pickin’ Up the Pieces, their follow-up, More Than Just a Dream, and their latest self-titled release.  Fans danced and sang along to hits like “Out of My League”, “The Walker”, “Roll Up”, “Complicated” and of course the crowd favorite “Hand Clap”.

My personal favorite part of the show was when they performed a cover of the 1983 Eurythmics smash song “Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This”.  Scaggs got everyone “from the front to the back” clapping along and then that infamous keyboard intro kicked in and things really got moving – on stage and in the audience. Scaggs and Fitz roused the crowd into a sing-along and got everyone hyped. It was awesome.

The two vocalists complement each other so beautifully. Scaggs never stops moving the entire show and is constantly rousing the audience to clap, jump, dance, or sing along. The musicians provide a rich and vibrant track to support the upbeat and fun lyrics. It all comes together in a fun and fantastic experience with Fitz and the Tantrums.

 The band has a few more shows scheduled through the summer. I encourage you to check them out. You can’t help but feel happy after seeing this show. And who can’t use a little more of that in their life?

Connect with Fitz and the Tantrums online:

Website: http://www.fitzandthetantrums.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fitzandthetantrums

Twitter: https://twitter.com/FitzAndTantrums



Royal Blood


By Cathy Moore of Moore Rock Shots & Reviews

Photo Credit: Shawn Wiseman and Nikki Forte

Two Brits. Mike Kerr and Ben Thatcher. An extraordinary bass guitar crafted to play the part of both bass and lead guitar. A drum kit driven by one of the most badass drummers in the music world. Impassioned and intense lyrics set to heavy, bluesy rock tunes. Put it all together and you have Royal Blood.

After a short rain delay, the skies cleared, the double rainbow disappeared, and the band that I had been waiting for took the stage. Royal Blood kicked off their performance at the Sawyer Point Stage at the 2018 Bunbury Music Festival with one of their biggest hits and one of my favorite songs, “Lights Out.” Those who knew this phenomenal duo sang along and those who didn’t stopped to pay attention.

Royal Blood’s setlist was an even split of songs from both of the band’s albums. They played all their biggest hits including “Little Monster”, “Out of the Black”, and “Figure it Out” from their 2014 self-titled debut album and “Lights Out”, “I Only Lie When I Love You”, and “Hole In Your Heart” from their 2017 sophomore release How Did We Get So Dark?

Thatcher was a beast on the drums driving every song with ferocity and Kerr’s vocals were electrifying – literally. There were sparks flying from Kerr’s microphone to which he announced, “This is REAL rock and roll!”

Royal Blood has a few more live shows scheduled throughout June in the USA. It’s a show that defies logic – two guys making music as rich and powerful as a full five-piece band. You have to see it to believe it.

Connect with Royal Blood online:

Website: http://royalbloodband.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RoyalBloodUK

Twitter: https://twitter.com/royalblooduk





By Megan Randall

Photo Credit: Shawn Wiseman

Music genres are an interesting thing. Always evolving, trying to be faster than the evolution to create a pre-packed bucket to collect new and interesting sounds into. LANY’s selected genre is electropop which describes a blend between heavy electronic beats and poppy lyrical melodies. However, I think they’re something a little bit more.

“Where the Hell are my Friends” kicked off their set and it was almost a sirens call pulling in the younger (and skewing female) sect to the stage. But this group isn’t just your standard dreamy boy band with bass-beats backing them. Rather, Paul, Jake and Les have formed a soulful blend of light rock. Yes, electronic music pulses through every song but with more spirit than your standard club dance mix.

Ending their set with their latest hit, “I Don’t Care,” the audience screamed for more…but unfortunately Ohio rain had other plans and attendees were encouraged to take cover after the set or get doused in the storm.

If you crave more LANY, you can see them on tour now.



Lauren Eylise


Photo Credit: Nikki Forte





Allan Rayman


By Ricky Veeneman

Photo Credit: Shawn Wiseman and Nikki Forte

Stumbling to the stage, with cackling laughter and Coors light in hand, Allan Rayman gave quite a unique performance on the CVG River Stage on Friday. From the first few seconds of his set until the very end he intoxicated the audience with a mix of erratic dance moves paired with poignant lyrics, and melodic yet sharp, staccato singing style. His set, which included a live DJ and guitarist, was an overall captivating experience with subtle but powerful beats and dreamy, ethereal guitar tones which complimented Rayman’s voice perfectly. Not just for his many devoted fans but everyone in the pavillion. He is currently on tour but with very limited performances in CA and Canada. His music is
something one must hear for themselves to truly appreciate. His latest album “Courtney” can be found on Spotify and Google Play.


Connect with Allan Rayman online:





The Front Bottoms

By Katie Morton

The Front Bottoms are an American indie-rock band from Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey. Bandmembers include Brian Sella (lead vocals, guitar), Mat Uychich (drums), Tom Warren (guitar, vocals) and touring members Jenn Fantaccione (violin, trumpet, cello and backing vocals), Erik Romero (Bass), and Roshane Karunaratne (keyboard, melodica, and keytar).

The Front Bottoms were quite possibly one of the most anticipated bands of Bunbuy 2018. Fans lined up in front of the stage early on Friday afternoon in anticipation of this good-times band and their official kick-off to the festivities of Bunbury weekend.

Brian Sella launched himself onto the stage bouncing in front of the crowd, and belted out the first song “Au Revoir” in a slightly off-key, yet charmingly boyish tone. The fans responded with wild abandon shouting “Adios!”

For the band’s second song they played, “The Beers” and the crowd linked arms and crooned, “Cause you like a man with muscles, and I like you,” followed by “Far Drive.” It was clear those who showed up to see the Front Bottoms were not newcomers to the band. With each new song the crowd responded to the chorus as if a setlist and lyrics were passed out at the gates.

The upbeat campy songs of the Front Bottoms are reminiscent of the 1990s hit band Bare Naked Ladies with an updated indie feel. If you’re looking for some feel good music, be sure to check them out.

Connect with The Front Bottoms online:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/thefrontbottoms

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thefrontbottoms

Instagram: https://instagram.com/thefrontbottoms/

Website: http://www.thefrontbottoms.com/




Welshy Arms


Photo Credit: Shawn Wiseman



Everything Everything

By Cathy Moore of Moore Rock Shots & Reviews

It was a long journey for Everything Everything to get from the United Kingdom to the Sawyer Point Stage at Bunbury 2018, but from the reactions of the crowd that flocked to see them it was well worth the trip. Jonathan Everything (vocals, guitar), Jeremy Everything (bass, vocals, keys), Alex Everything (guitar, vocals, keys) and Mike Everything (drums, vocals, keys) are the power behind one of the most unique bands I think I have ever experienced.

In sharp contrast to their music originality, the guys of Everything Everything came onto stage in matching garb of plain white t-shirts and jeans. They didn’t have a lot of fanfare on stage, but once the music started it was clear that there was nothing plain or boring about this band. The air was electrified with their talent and energy.

Everything Everything played a variety of songs from their extensive song library, which includes four albums – 2010’s Man Alive, 2013’s Arc, 2015’s Get To Heaven, and 2017’s A Fever Dream. It is hard to even define their style because they have incorporated so many genres and styles into their impressive musicality. There were synthesizers, guitars, drums, and phenomenal falsettos that just all blended into a really interesting and engaging performance.

Everything Everything has a slew of live shows scheduled throughout the US and Europe from now until the end of summer. Check out their social media websites to find a show near you and get out to see this extraordinary band.

Connect with Everything Everything online:

Website: http://www.everything-everything.co.uk/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EverythingEverythinguk/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/E_E_

REO Cragun


Photo Credit: Nikki Forte


Personal Public


By Ricky Veeneman

Photo Credit: Nikki Forte

Columbus based band Personal Public gave an awesome, laid back, crowd pleasing performance at the Bunbury Music Festival’s accoustic
stage early on Friday. Singer Cody Contner’s strong rhaspy vocals, their strong harmonies, coupled with the use of a kahona by drummer Jordan Mcvey added a great folk influence to the bands catchy alternative-rock sound.

Their debut album ‘Revival’ (released on 1/13/17) is available now on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/personal_public
They will be performing at The Basement in Columbus, OH on July 13th supporting Psychedelic Pop/Dance group, Captain Kidd
from Cleveland, OH.

Cody Contner – Rhythm Guitar/ Lead Vocals
Alex Kessis – Bass
Jordan Mcvey – Drums
Ben Canton – Lead Guitar
Anthony Herrmann – Piano

Columbus, OH

Alternative Electro-Rock

Connect with Personal Public online:


Lift The Medium


By Cathy Moore of Moore Rock Shots & Reviews

The first time I saw Lift the Medium was in a fairly small venue when they opened for one of my favorite bands, The Dead Deads, in Dayton, Ohio. I really enjoyed their sound and style in that setting, but seeing them outside on the CVG River Stage at Bunbury 2018 was even better!

 Lift the Medium is a pure rock band from Cincinnati, Ohio that strives to create timeless, uplifting music that strikes a positive chord in the minds and spirits of the audience. Lead singer/guitarist Joey Vasselet, lead guitarist/singer Joe Bartone, drummer/pianist/singer Jake Bartone and bassist/singer Lj Lillie have received a great amount of accolades in the tri-state area including the Cincinnati Entertainment Award for best rock band of 2017.

The band is known for it’s high-energy shows, winding riffs and rhythms, and passionate and pointed melodies. Lift the Medium’s debut album Mastermind was released in June 2014 and their sophomore album Moment In Time was released just three years later.

Lift The Medium has an awesome chemistry and produces some of the most amazing harmonies that I’ve heard – especially in rock music. The vocals just blend together into such a rich sound that it settles right in your soul. Their groove is alluring and their lyrics are impassioned. It really is a recipe for rock music excellence.

Connect with Lift The Medium online:

Website: https://www.liftthemedium.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/liftthemedium/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/liftthemedium


The Wrecks


By Cathy Moore of Moore Rock Shots & Reviews

It was a hot and steamy Friday afternoon along the Ohio River in downtown Cincinnati when the 2018 Bunbury Music Festival kicked off with the loud and lively music of The Wrecks. Festival-goers flocked to the Sawyer Point stage to get the party started with this LA-based alternative rock band.

The Wrecks has an average age of 21 and consists of Nick Anderson (vocals/guitar), Nick Schmidt (guitar), Westen Weiss (guitar), Aaron Kelley (bass), and Billy Nally (drums). Heavily influenced by groups such as The Pixies, The Strokes, Weezer, and Vampire Weekend, this five-piece isn’t afraid to blend undeniably catchy choruses with lyrics and vocals that have an underlying substance and a certain quirk that give them their young, signature sound.

These guys infused the crowd with an incredible energy despite the heat. They got everyone clapping and jumping and dancing along with their guitar heavy grooves. They played songs from their debut EP We Are The Wrecks, which included the radio hit “Favorite Liar” as well as tracks from their latest EP Panic Vertigo. Things really got crazy when they played their version of “Are You Gonna Be My Girl” by Jet. They did a fantastic job with that song and really won the crowd over if they hadn’t already.

The Wrecks were a fun and fantastic way to start the festival. And they definitely scored a few new fans from their performance. Bravo.

Connect with The Wrecks online:

Website: http://www.wearethewrecks.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WeAreTheWrecks/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/WeAreTheWrecks







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