NYC electro-punk rock band Dirty Heretics release new single “Hey Kevin”

NYC electro-punk rock band Dirty Heretics release new single “Hey Kevin”

A call for independence showcases the band’s dynamic & intense performance
NEW YORK CITY | SEPTEMBER 21, 2018 – NYC electro-punk-rock duo Dirty Heretics dropped a new single “Hey Kevin” today. The track comes as a follow-up to the band’s debut self-titled EP, released earlier this spring, and showcase to their quickly developing hybrid sound. Full of layered guitar riffs and soaring, powerful vocals, “Hey Kevin” provides an intense and emotional outcry against the suppression of one’s own identity. It premiered on Live A Little Bit Louder.

The band shared, “While “Kevin” was inspired by a real person, he really represents working for The Man and loathing every minute of it. It’s perhaps our most punk message ever, don’t put up with anyone telling you how to wear your makeup, or put their words in your mouth. Own your freak, and don’t give a shit if anyone else feels uncomfortable with it.”

The single comes as a follow-up to the band’s debut release and self-titled EP, released in April. The band carefully curated four tracks for their first release, as a dynamic introduction to the duo’s sound. “Our songs are always a hybrid of genres such as breakbeat and dark funk, electro and punk, industrial and thrash. We try to go for a sound that does not sound like anything else, and to make timeless songs.” As with “Hey Kevin”, the band recorded all tracks in their home studios. For the EP, they turned to Richard Salino of Studio G in Brooklyn for mixing and had it mastered by Ladytree Studios in Philadelphia, PA.

The band also released their debut music video in April, for the track “Black and Blue“. It was directed and filmed by Alexo Wandael, and shot in Brooklyn. Starting in a slow and haunting pace, the track utilized sonic elements of industrial, funk, Turkish folk and breakbeat for a unique and ethereal sound before kicking into high tempo. Grabbing the listeners attention, both song and video have a strong message to relay. “The subject matter is dark, uncomfortable, and unfortunately very real, as it is based on a family friend, Sterling Spiers who passed away in 2015 from a heroin overdose. After seeing the heartbreak he and his family suffered at the hands of addiction, we knew we had to shine a light on the opioid epidemic, and do our part to further awareness of this issue.”

Dirty Heretics are one to watch, they have new music underway and regular performances across the New York City music scene. The band’s EP Dirty Heretics, and new single “Hey Kevin” are available everywhere today including Spotify and Apple Music. The band will be performing live on October 11 at Arlene’s Grocery (NYC), opening for Elektric Voodoo.

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Dirty Heretics “Black and Blue” Music Video

Dirty Heretics is an electro-punk-thrash duo hailing from NYC putting a modern spin on the CBGB golden era of punk music. Atesh Tur incorporates dark and heavy guitar riffs with Rachel Gavaletz’s powerful soaring vocals. With subject matter ranging from hot button political issues to getting high in a bathroom stall, this band will leave you with the nostalgia of your parents yelling “turn it down!!!”, an inexplicable desire to get into a fight, and perhaps a few earworms. Their debut self-titled EP was released April 18, 2018.

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