Coverage of The Devil Makes Three with DiTrani Brothers in Louisville, KY

Coverage of The Devil Makes Three with DiTrani Brothers
Headliners Music Hall
Louisville, KY
May 17th, 2019
Photos and review by Emily May

California Americana band The Devil Makes Three made a stop in Louisville, KY recently.  The band released their latest album, Chains Are Broken, in August of last year and have been touring in support of the album.  Having formed in 2002, the band has amassed a large and passionate fan base over the years, as proven by the nearly sold out group of fans in attendance this evening.  As guitarist/vocalist Pete Bernhard, upright bassist Lucia Turino and guitarist/tenor banjo player Cooper McBean came out onto the stage, the crowd loudly cheered and applauded as the band played a variety of songs from their extensive catalog, including “Stranger”, “Graveyard”, and an incredible cover of “War Pigs” that led into their track “Black Irish”.  The band performed this evening in front of a large lighthouse banner that displayed the cover art from their new album and were awash in gorgeous, colorful lighting throughout their set.  Halfway through the set Bernhard told the crowd that the band was headed back to Red Rocks soon.  He said the band had started their own label and had put out an album by the DiTrani Brothers, who opened the show this evening, as well as a recent live recording of The Devil Makes Three at Red Rocks, telling the audience to give a big round of applause to the crew who made that album happen.  Ending their set with “Aces and Twos”, the band left the stage briefly before coming back out for an encore.  The Devil Makes Three always puts on a fun and high-energy show that gets the crowd moving and singing along!  DiTrani Brothers, who incorporate European folk, Roma swing and early French and American jazz sounds into their music, opened the show.

Visit The Devil Makes Three online – http://thedevilmakesthree.com/

Photographs of The Devil Makes Three and Ditrani Brothers

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