NF – Bunbury Music Festival Day 1


By Megan Randall

The setting sun became the backdrop for the haunting first song by NF, the Michigan-born Christian rapper. NF’s entire set stood out as a theatrical pinnacle for Friday’s performances. He capitalized on the darkening sky to emphasize his intro. Slowly moving to the stage with a cluster of black balloons, the backdrop screen mirrored the action on stage as he sang the tormented “Why.”

NF drifted around the stage while dressed in all black, head down but still enunciating every quick word perfectly with the emotional weight they deserve. Suddenly, he popped his head up so the audience could see his creepy painted black wide smile on his face—perfect for the serious “Destiny.” As ominous as the theatrics were, the fans reacted with pure excitement. A giant steel cage served as his platform for “My Life,” another NF fan favorite.

Most of the set wavered between a mellower beat to an anguished rap, but occasionally he would reach out with a pumped song like “All I do.” He seemed to enjoy the audience interaction and urged those attending to sing along with him; he even paused while mid-beat so a front-row fan could get the perfect picture.

If you missed this performance, you will need to wait to catch him again. NF’s next tour date is Lollapalooza on August 2nd. His next tour begins in September to promote the upcoming “The Search” due out in July.

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Photographs by Shawn Wiseman & Michael Deinlein

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